China should has the courage to dare to defend principle of sovereignty and multinational conflict

CHINA MILITARY: South China Sea has been relatively calm, the countries around have a certain tolerance of disputes about the islands, the sea friction has been pushed to less conspicuous location by regional cooperation. However, after the U.S. announced transactions involved in the South China Sea, the whole region like a strange chemical reaction occurred in Vietnam, the Philippines, the patient is being shown a strong impulse to replace. But the United States and recently said it would not break out in the South China Sea side of the military conflict in selected stations, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries had to mobilize the sense of scale.

Below the South China Sea is an estimated $3 trillion worth of oil, gas and minerals

Perhaps that is why Hillary Clinton called "smart power diplomacy", the United States diplomatically with a few Asian countries continue to activate the demands of the South China Sea, the South China Sea to form the most consistent in the level of confrontation between U.S. interests and resentment, it is best Here's some countries as the U.S. puppet, the U.S. always be traders.

This region, especially in disputes with China, Vietnam, the Philippines should be clear, the United States does want to see the South China Sea Joint ASEAN countries to form a wall to go out of China. But the United States will not pay for the construction of this wall will pay the real reason is very simple, to spend "the money" and the interests of the United States does not draw an equal sign.

Now imagine Vietnam and the Philippines may be a military conflict with China is not very serious, but the idea of ​​U.S. warships to help Vietnam, the Philippines beat China and direct entry into the war, is completely far-fetched, it can only be Vietnam, Philippine nationalists desire.

Military intervention in other territorial disputes between sovereign states, which any country is the world's great adventure, while the U.S. and China this large country such as direct military confrontation, it is not a full consequences to pretend to be under the South China Sea. South China Sea, the United States is probably willing to point to troubles in China, but to weigh weighing Sino-US relations is the world stage, rather than this corner of the South China Sea.

No U.S. warships in the South China Sea as well as any place in the Western Pacific interests of third countries to attack the will of the Chinese warships, China-US relations is not to abandon the claim to sovereignty over their territory intention, which is the South China Sea a few basic lines of political image Other dazzling strokes, many are dispensable.

South China Sea should be calm all the neighboring countries, including China. Threat of war and war is the most useless things here, the sovereign requirements are rigid, the practical interests of all countries are complex and rich, today the island in the South to fight the battle in the 21st century cook-century out of date game let history make fun of the world.

The strongest regional military power as China advocates peaceful settlement of disputes through negotiations, other countries will respond by preparing for can not be considered rational. Hanoi and Manila did not know whether the clear, their actual behavior is unreasonable from the South China Sea, where talk of compromise about who becomes a strength, and who allies in many places. While the more power they may not be long term. CHINA MILITARY

China as a big country in the South China Sea, the action can not be subject to the constraints and the induction of any country, its principles must be very clear and stable. China and small countries should not be vindictive, can not be transferred to the United States against smaller nations. Not easily conflict with any country, but should also have the courage to defend their principles conflict with both the courage of many countries. China and the United States without breaking a long struggle, and small countries have the same patience and open-minded. The more trouble the South China Sea, the more the performance of China, where power and magnanimous. If problems are handled properly around, can not afford, what about the Chinese "to the world?"CHINA MILITARY

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