China has been beared and forbeared for long time on South China Sea issue

CHINA MILITARY: China-Vietnam relations should learn from history, the history between the two countries have had "comrades and brothers" fighting friendship, also had enemies as enemies of the wounds. History has proved that cooperation benefits the both while confrontation can only bring hurt, the lessons of history should be learned.

PLA special forces landing exercises in the Sea beach

In the matter of the issue of China's national interests, China will never compromise, Deng Xiaoping once said something that "we should always put national sovereignty and security first." China is a peace-loving, but we must not fear the threat of force, by playing a few rounds to want to yield to the Chinese people are long gone.

South China Sea issue, China is the injured party, China has Yirenzairen, not to China forced patience. Eastern South China Sea countries have cultural heritage, should know that knowing the word "tolerance" meaning of the word, the South China Sea issue is the Chinese people's heart with a knife, we have always advocated in accordance with the "DOC" principled stand to solve the dispute through negotiations, But the parties do not go too far, insatiable. Show of force can only intensify contradictions, forcing disconnect the heart of the Chinese people on this knife. At that time, "Sword" is probably better than "light muscle," the consequences more serious. CHINA MILITARY 

Currently, the South China Sea "a sea of ​​the table," but the fact is, after all the facts, the South China Sea sovereignty belongs to me, without a doubt. A sea of ​​islands and reefs in the ownership of, international law is clearly defined, is to see "who first discovered and who first named, who implemented the first of its jurisdiction, whether the international community to give recognition." In these areas, China has sufficient historical and legal evidences South China Sea and Spratly Islands belong to China, even Vietnam before 1975 do not disagree with, the Vietnamese in 1960, published in 1972, "Map of the World "as evidence.

Why South China Sea, eventually become "problem"? Economic benefits or results. Preliminary estimates of oil reserves in the South China Sea -300 23.0 billion tons, belonging to the world's four major offshore oil and gas gathering centers, the "second Persian Gulf," said. CHINA MILITARY 

Vietnam in 2006 alone at least 12 million tons from the Nansha Islands in the oil and gas exploration. Took other people's things, but also irrational, and even punched opposite, the world where there is such a reason?

The conflict between the South China Sea countries, can be achieved through bilateral dialogue, and even argue to be resolved, "manhandled" is not a good result, not to China's restraint, misunderstood as a sign of weakness. South China Sea countries, it should be resolved in the region, there is no need to introduce external forces, the involvement of extra-territorial forces, can only make the problem more complex, the benefit of the parties will not be introduced. Rely on "beauty" the result of weight can only be relying on "beauty" from harm, warning, must be aware also. CHINA MILITARY 

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