Varyag aircraft carrier has been equipped new engine from Ukraine

A series of cooperation around aircraft carrier has been on between China, Russia and Ukraine.

Satellite photos show that China in the Yellow Sea Huludao a new aircraft carrier pilot training center, and refers to its similarity with the training center in Ukraine.

December 8, 2008, U.S. strategic network quoted Ukraine "Nitka" Training Centre (solely on the aircraft carrier-based aircraft sliding leaps down training) sources as saying that the center is helping to train carrier pilots in China.

The article said that China was the first time in October 2006 sent by the Navy deputy commander, led a large army on behalf of the group, visited the port city of Odessa and Wunan Sevastopol naval aviation training centers, and at the Crimean Peninsula The "Nitka" training center.

During the visit, the two sides also discussed Ukraine Uganda to help train China's naval air force units and the feasibility of the training carrier pilots. Since then, the Chinese engineers, pilots, the Navy began to frequent visits of technical experts, "Nitka" training base.

And last August, in order to use Google Earth to expose national defense facilities, known for "image intelligence" website published a piece of Google Earth satellite photos, displayed in Shaanxi Yanliang airport a treaty shed, 300 meters short track, the end is an upward tilt of the ramp.

Web site highlighted in the former Soviet Navy in the Crimean naval aviation training base, there are very similar facilities to enable pilots to practice aircraft carrier deck off the sliding hop.

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