U.S. expert evaluation of China's new type 056 corvette: perfect stealth performance, simple and efficient weapons

China's new type 056 corvette (Vision map)
Low cost, uses a variety of Chinese naval frigate is an important member of the surface ship force. Recently since the military situation around the level of change and enhance their own military, fueled by the rumors of a code 056 outside of the new ship is about to start construction. A public photos and other information-based, long-term development of the weapons concerned about China naval analyst James C · Bassett, in this month's issue of "Signal" magazine published an article to the performance of the new frigates do some guessing .
Take the small but efficient route Shipboard Weapon
The article said that China is ushering in a new generation of naval surface ships currently in service in the climax, a representative of the 054A-type missile frigates and fast attack boats have been 022 large number of columns installed. However, the integrity of the sequence from the equipment perspective, PLAN (short for the Chinese navy in English) also lack of a tonnage of between between the first two modern ships, which is the background of the birth of 056.
Late last year a network of image exposure, a preliminary outline ways to model the true face of the new ship. The overall design, the 056 stealth frigate with the appearance of the international mainstream, and extensive use of mature technologies, showing the importance of cost-efficient. Preliminary estimates, the length of the ship at 90 meters, a displacement of between between 1000-1800 tons.
Comments in the article focused on a 056-ship weapons systems simple and efficient. Model photo shows the front deck of the ship installed, an imitation of the Russian AK-176 76 mm cannon, which makes it the first 3 PLAN ships equipped with this gun (the first two is the 054A frigate docks with the 071 type landing ship). It is understood, AK-176 in terms of weight (16 tons), rate of fire (120 rounds / min) or reliability are stronger than previously imported from France, 100 mm guns, 056 units of time in the frigates of ammunition projection capabilities therefore has been doubled.
Another bright spot is located in the rear of the superstructure at the top of FL-3000N Type 24 short-range air defense missile-mounted launchers, it is also equipped with the popular media attention "Varyag" aircraft carrier. With the famous American "Ram" missile similar to that in 2008, the Zhuhai air show debut weapons, used the "after launching" The infrared guidance system, thus reducing the dependence of shipboard fire control system .
In addition, the model also found that nearly seven 30-mm cannon fire, YJ-83 anti-ship missiles, a variety of radar systems and data link antenna trace. Most of the equipment has been active in the Chinese navy ships on the other stood the real test.
Defend the maritime rights and interests of the generalist
The article highlighted a new generation of Chinese naval vessels than in the past the level of automation has greatly improved, which directly reflects the reduction in staffing. For example, 054A-type frigates, the tonnage than the old 053 series has nearly doubled, crew never fell to 180 195; Similarly, a 022-type boats, the tonnage and PLAN imitation of Soviet missile boats over the past equivalent of 12 the preparation of the crew were less than half of the latter. In this connection, the outside world has every reason to believe that the scale of 056 ship's crew of 110 were less able to control - the Gulf of Aden to escort the practice has proved that reduction of personnel will not affect the ability of the ship's combat readiness.
The new frigates of the future is also likely to play a lot of roles. In recent years, great efforts the Chinese Navy to build its "blue water" capability, but a series of sovereignty and exclusive economic zones around the island dispute should not be ignored. In this environment, such as 056 may have a very large number of combat capability built corvettes, will be highlighting the significance of its existence. Specifically, the direction of the South China Sea, the ship can not only give the game additional chips Southeast Asian countries, but also the Indian Ocean as a useful complement to anti-piracy operations; in the direction of the East China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands The ship will no doubt become an important stage to show their skills such as track and expel foreign submarines, ships and other tasks intelligence investigations, I believe it also needs support.
Article predicted that the first 056 frigate launched in 2012 is expected to serve, in the process, more technical details about the ship will gradually be disclosed. Currently it is certain that, thanks to technology and industrial capacity of China's military progress, the project will be launched simultaneously in a number of shipyards, the subsequent improvement and upgrade work will continue for many years.

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