To disclose the secret of U.S. Navy SEALs killed bin Laden

U.S. president Obama announced "base"organization leader Osama bin Laden's military operations in the day were killed. In the "9.11" terrorist attacks "seclusion" for nearly 10 years of "base"organization leaders ultimately did not escape the big kill U.S. troops. The implementation of this action is responsible for U.S. military trump card - the United States SEAL forces.
U.S. Navy SEALs is the world's most mysterious and most deterrent effect of the special operations forces. So far very few people outside world will know where the SEAL mission, where as a training base and so on, but the mysterious power of this country always there the moment they are needed most. Disclosed the news is full of more than 200 active duty U.S. Navy Seals soldiers, they all civil and military, physically fit, because the main mission at night, for no less than the fighter pilot eyesight requirements.
Navy Seals - Navy Seals yes yes directly under a U.S. Navy Special Forces (Seals of which is "Sea, Air, Land", that is s short title of sea, air and land), is also a world-renowned special amphibious forces, the main Tasks include: unconventional warfare, domestic and international defense, direct action, counter-terrorism operations, special reconnaissance missions five. It is one of the world's top ten special forces, special forces in the war, all countries the highest probability of success, in Grenada, Haiti, Panama, Desert Storm, in both its presence.
SEAL tasks that involve the national top secret, so rarely reported. SEAL team members with one or two people a maximum of 16 people for training and combat missions row, of which 8 were the following most common classes of combat. The tasks are completely confidential - well into the small details of the plans and actions as fast as lightning. Even in peacetime, such as the battle is still generally SEAL training, it is only more bloody sweat in the training field, in order to ensure a lower rate of casualties on the battlefield.
SEAL elite amphibious forces in the United States, highly respected other special combat units. This unit is an old product of the water blasting brigade, Navy Seal reconnaissance mission is the secret to the enemy coast defense-especially before the Marines could land. However, the burden of SEAL has been extended to include a wide range of special operations.

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