SCO "Tianshan 2″ joint anti-terrorism exercise was held in Xinjiang

Recently, Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in Kashi, Xinjiang "Tianshan 2"joint anti-terror exercise carried out a successful armed Snow Leopard Commando "to rescue hostages by force" subjects demonstrated, this is the second in 2007 to participate in joint exercises between China and Russia, the Snow Leopard Commando and Time to participate in international joint anti-terrorism exercise. Through this training exercise, to further enhance the Snow Leopard Commando motor and trans-regional cooperative engagement capability remotely, to run linkage mechanism, highlighting the anti-terrorism capabilities to deter terrorist purposes, improve the handling ability of the participating troops combat.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, held in Kashi, Xinjiang exercise is held within the framework of SCO joint anti-terrorism law enforcement security exercise, which is the second country to host in 2006, "Tianshan 1″ exercises, organized by the SCO enforcement and security agencies of the second joint anti-terrorism exercise.

exercises on China and on closer SCO cooperation against terrorism and safeguarding regional security and China's western border is important.

It is understood that the exercise is divided into "use of force to rescue hostages" and "wipe out fixed-point" action of two courses. The exercise aims to improve the level of combat readiness of the anti-terrorism department, strengthening the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states collaboration between relevant departments.

August 2006, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member countries jointly held China and Kazakhstan, "Tianshan 1 (2006)," anti-terrorism exercise, which is within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, enforcement and security departments for the first time in Kazakhstan held joint anti-terrorism exercises.

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