Radical Islam in Pakistani held Osama bin Laden's funeral

May 3, Karachi, Pakistan, the members of radical Islamic organization "JuD"(Jamaat-ud-Dawa) held Osama bin Laden funeral. United Nations Security Council announced in 2008, Pakistan charitable organization "JuD" illegal armed groups "pious army " of legitimacy, and included "JuD" in the list of organizations associated with the Taliban and the "base ". Many members full of tears. After the news of bin Laden killed, Taliban spokesman released a tape, said it would revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden, Taliban, Pakistan will become the number one goal of revenge, retaliation was the second goal of the United States. In revenge, Gilani (Pakistan Prime Minister), Kajaani (Pakistani military leaders), Asif Ali Zardari (Pakistani President) will appear in the hit list.


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