Photos of bin laden raid helicopter

U.S. special forces to take action on May 2, in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, Abbottabad northern city of Abbottabad killed the "base"organization leader Osama bin Laden Osama Bin Laden, the British media published a handful of surprise followed by the scene Photographs, including one allegedly commandos aboard UH-60 "Black Hawk"helicopter crashed in the photo, a time of domestic and foreign media reports about the crash models are locked in "Black Hawk" helicopters, because of mechanical failure. But the problem is not so simple, caring friends and military enthusiasts debris from the crash to get a major discovery - it is perhaps the top-secret U.S. military helicopter stealth muffler debut.
Imagine Figure mysterious helicopters, the aircraft may be modified for the U.S. military Black Hawk helicopters, with a redesigned tail and main rotor with a noise reduction function, the aircraft are all designed for stealth and the "hidden voice" First look at foreign experts views. Italian journalist, aviation experts, the former Italian Army pilot David • Vincennes Artie (David Cenciotti) wrote that the plane did not crash like the real mystery of "Black Hawk", it may be "Black Hawk" big modified, or a new model.
Fox News reported on May 4, for hunting in the raid "base" organization leader Osama bin Laden Action • U.S. military helicopter crashed, the U.S. Defense Department officials worried that it could fall into the hands of China or hostile countries.
Reuters has made public photos of this aircraft crashed helicopter. The helicopter's tail does not seem unusual, it may be a previously not known to the outside world has stealth capabilities of the models. It is reported that senior U.S. Defense Department is discussing the issue for Pakistan, returned to the helicopter wreckage.
Reported that the U.S. Defense Department officials fear that China or hostile nations might use the technology in the helicopter to reinforce their own military strength.
U.S. Defense Department sources said the helicopter exist "flight control", can not be off again after landing. Flight crew and aircraft was subsequently destroyed commandos, machine members aboard another helicopter fly away.
United States, "The Wall Street Journal" recently reported that the helicopter suffered "mechanical failure" were destroyed in the raid on bin Laden's location.

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