Pakistan forces returned fire against NATO "cross-border" air strikes

Bin Laden's death led in US-Pakistan relations into deadlock, Pakistani people burning the American flag 

May 17, the North Waziristan region of Pakistan where intelligence officials disclosed on the 17th, the day NATO helicopters "invasion" of North Waziristan, where troops and wounded two soldiers. Reuters pointed out that Pakistan had a secret within the U.S. raids in Pakistan • Osama bin Laden regarding the deep dissatisfaction with the incident will be further angered Islamabad. 

North Waziristan region, officials said two helicopters into Pakistan North Waziristan region, and stay in the area about 10 minutes. A Palestinian security officials said Kyle Datta deployed troops opened fire on Pakistani border region, followed by the withdrawal of NATO helicopters in the area. The official said: "The bombs falling into the mountains nearby, our two soldiers were injured due to stone projection." 

In this regard, a Western military officials said two NATO helicopters in Pakistan has 2 goals to the fire, the second fire, the Palestinians were fighting back. However, the official declined to say whether NATO helicopters into Pakistan territory. 

Another Pakistani intelligence official said the incident occurred, the number of helicopters from the aircraft in Pakistan tribal region of North Waziristan's main town of Miranshah from the past sent to Feifei. Reported that NATO's move to crack down on local militants, but Pakistan is not clear intention of helicopters. 

The Pakistani officials said that since the recent U.S. covert operations in Pakistan to kill bin Laden after the • Pakistan border region on high alert. Pakistan troops ordered to, and if the recurrence of any "intrusion" event, you must make a "rapid response." 

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