Osama bin Laden took a submachine gun and shot each other with U.S. special forces

U.S. government officials said, the "base" number one organization leader Osama bin Laden after the U.S. special forces broke into the house, "with rifles ran down the upstairs to the U.S. troops opened fire, and fought to the last minute." When the terrorist tycoon killed by U.S. forces after being shot in the head, this lasted nearly 40 minutes of shooting soon ended.

It is reported that a total of 24 U.S. Navy special forces ("Navy Seals 6 units") officers and men involved in this action to kill bin Laden. They are equipped with advanced night vision equipment and weapons, secretly flew overnight helicopter over the bin Laden house, and use the rope fell from the sky, quickly enter the walled mansion to search for Osama bin Laden, to house the bodyguards were almost too late to respond.

Battle, a U.S. military helicopter because of "mechanical failure" crash, but caused no casualties.

In addition to bin Laden remains, the U.S. military will be captured and killed the other officers are to deal with Pakistan. The U.S. military said, bin Laden remains were sent to "Carl Vinson" aircraft carrier to accept DNA examination. In determining their status and take photographs and cleaning after being wrapped in white cloth into the Arabian Sea, "buried at sea."

The U.S. military said the bodies way of dealing with bin Laden in full compliance with the provisions of Islamic tradition.

Some people worry, "base" organizations may Yinla Deng's death on the United States and its Western allies to launch terrorist attacks. In the past 10 years, strict preventive measures the United States, terrorists may be in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa and making waves in Europe. Among them, hidden in Yemen "base" organizations, the most powerful branches of power, also said that revenge for bin Laden.

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