Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Pictures – Is it Fake?

Before couple of days one operation occurred by the US special forces in Pakistan at Abbotabad to kill Osama bin Laden and was very successful. Because US Forces Killed the World's Largest Terrorist but didn't showed the pictures of the body of Osama and threw it in to sea. After a high pressure of Media and world USA released some pics have a look at these pictures.

Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Pictures

Webmaster's Commentary:

Ignoring the bullet hole this guy looks very healthy for ten years of dialysis. The nose is also too narrow. But the main reason to disregard this as another likely fake is simple. This image is tainted green to make it look like a night vision image, yet the soldier at right is looking off left, apparently able to see just fine without night vision goggles. And finally, there is something missing from this image that should be there (besides night vision goggles).why dead body picture of osama is fake
There is an illumination source to the upper right of the camera taking this image. You can see the resulting shadows on the jawline and cheek of the soldier. More to the point, there is clearly a shadow from the soldier's face extending left from his face and falling on the floor and the side of "Osama's" face. Yet there is no trace of a similar shadow from the face of "Osama" above the beard near the right eye. And didn't the White House say "Osama" was shot above the LEFT eye?
UPDATE: An alert reader just sent in the following. If you invert the image (create a negative) there is an obvious edge artifact in the shadow cast by the soldier at the right). This looks like a compositing artifact.

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The uniform of the soldier is incorrect for the period. He is wearing the Army, tri-color camo pattern, which has not been used for several years. The SEALS or any other American troops, would not be wearing that camo pattern now.