H-6K bomber can not hit the United States, but can cover part of the overseas bases

Chinese Air Force has begun to equip the latest model of H-6K bombers. However, the Chinese aviation industry's new products is not new to the Russian people. H-6K is the latest improvement of H-6 model, while the latter is a Chinese copy of the plans authorized under the Soviet Union, -16 (by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the last century the late 40's early 50's development).

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Russian media said, H-6K is a high-subsonic cruise missile capable of carrying long-range bombers. By using some of the more new technology, the performance of the aircraft than the original figure has been a marked increase -16. Compared with earlier models, H-6K contents of the most significant improvements include power plants, radio equipment and weapons systems. The H-6K latest facelift of the D-30KP engines, and IL -76 and -154 and other transport aircraft the same figure. Compared with the older H-6, H-6K has a bigger engine with fuel tanks, fighters from the 1800-2000 km range increased to 3000 km above (carry cruise missiles.) New machine is also more powerful airborne radar, H-6K's head almost all the front occupied by the radar. In terms of weaponry, H-6K on both sides under the wing of the CJ-10A mounted three long-range cruise missiles. It is reported, H-6K has not set the built-in magazine, so space is available out of province to carry more fuel and the installation of electronic warfare equipment.

Russian media said, and had introduced various types of H-6 is different, H-6K is not made by the old models to improve, but completely from scratch. Taking into account the period of modern heavy bomber, H-6K will likely continue to be used until 2052 to be, that is, Figure -16 occasion of 100 years of flight. In fact, neither the U.S. or Russia, all the way in adopting continuous improvement to extend time for the old heavy bomber, the economy of this approach is obvious.

It should be noted that the former Soviet Air Force and Navy bombers had a history of aviation in Figure -16 is equipped with various types of missiles and bombs weapons, but has never been used as a strategic cruise missile carrier - a task that has map -95 and Figure -160 commitment. However, H-6K has become the only Chinese military launched air-launched cruise missile platform (the CJ-10A its equipment may be copied from the former Soviet Union, X-55).

Russian media said, H-6K carried by the CJ-10A is a high subsonic cruise missile with a range of up to 2,200 km. However, it is unclear whether they have the capacity and the actual terrain tracking accuracy. The source of the missile there is also controversial, most experts from the X-55 of its generic no objection. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became the Commonwealth of the Kharkov aviation manufacturing X-55's major manufacturers. But another source said that China is likely to be obtained from the Ukraine, where the missile related technologies.

Russian media said that, although the specific properties of CJ-10A is not clear, but there is no doubt that a dramatic expansion of the H-6K's combat range. Although such weapons alone can not make H-6K has the ability to hit the United States, the U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups and some overseas bases, has entered the Chinese air force's combat bombing range. With these two weapons systems and aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, China's military position in the Asia Pacific region will undoubtedly be further improved.

Russian media said the development of a new bomber will not only need the support of strong industrial strength, also requires time and a large number of capital investment. The Chinese H-6 for the old series of improvements to upgrade adopted plan, is undoubtedly a cost-effective way to upgrade weapons. For six long-range cruise missiles carrying H-6K, the importance of flight technical indicators are not as prominent as fighters. The emergence of reliable aerial platform will undoubtedly Chinese military conflict in the future to pay a smaller price.

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