Daunting design capabilities of China Aviation Industry today

May 13, according to Reuters reports, the PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde arrived in Washington on Sunday to begin a week-long visit to the U.S. activities; this is since 2009, the highest level of access to the Chinese military. China's ambitious military modernization program, and the growing defense spending caused the alert in the region and Washington.

The article said that Beijing in March that will increase its defense spending by 12.7%, totaling 601.1 billion yuan (925 billion U.S. dollars), marking its defense spending has returned to double-digit growth. China says it needs to upgrade the armed forces behind the plan a threat to any country, and to remind the defense budget is far lower than the United States.

The article said the following are some of China's defense capabilities, military modernization and the case of some weapons systems:

Air Force

1 month, China confirmed that the J -20 stealth fighters were the first test flight; in the United States Defense Secretary Robert - Gates during the visit to the "show" China's military strength. Gates That visit is to ease the growing tension between the military atmosphere. Some analysts said the F -20 fighter R & D is a strong signal; It said China's research and development to match Lockheed - Martin F-22 "Raptor" fighter progress far more than expected. At present, the "Raptor" fighter was the only able to avoid enemy radar detection of active stealth fighter.

However, the deployment of F -20 may also take many years; Gates said before the visit of its questioned the actual stealth fighter. With the aviation industry, China is developing a formidable design capabilities; its most advanced fighter Su-active and future J -20 -30 United States poses the greatest potential threat. Military modernization also includes the development of aerial refueling capability (to help fighters to reach further afield), and early warning aircraft.


China will put priority naval modernization, China is upgrading its destroyers and frigates; to make them fly farther, hit more capable. According to news from China, China's first aircraft carrier could begin sea trials this year; than analysts expected the United States a year earlier, which enhanced China's growing maritime power and confidence.

Similar to the construction of a Russian "Kuznetsov" level of 6-ton conventionally powered aircraft carrier may take more than 20 billion dollars. It is reported that China might build two. At present, China is building a new "Gem" class ballistic missile submarines; the submarine to the sea launch missiles with nuclear warheads. Meanwhile, in the southern Hainan Island, China has built to stop the Navy submarine base.

U.S. officials have been concerned about the recent exposure of China's advanced military capabilities, including anti-ship ballistic missile program; the missile to the United States may pose a threat to the aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean.

The article said that China in 2007, the missile successfully destroyed an abandoned satellite, which means that its capacity has reached a new level. Last January, China successfully tested in the air to intercept incoming missile related technologies. Taiwan authorities said that an estimated 1,400 mainland missiles aimed at Taiwan. China has always stressed that Taiwan is part of China, in order to curb Taiwan independence, the use of force when necessary.

The article said that China's nuclear arsenal, including 100-400 pieces of artillery units from the second master of nuclear weapons, China has pledged not to use nuclear weapons first; its deterrent forces, including intercontinental ballistic missiles, land-and submarine-launched missiles.


230 million people in China are trying to reduce the size of the PLA Army, put it into a streamlined, with a high-tech enemies for short-term high-intensity combat troops.

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