Chinese Navy Commaner Visited Russian Navy North Sea Fleet

Navy Commander Admiral Wu Shengli, Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, headed the delegation of the Russian Northern Fleet on a goodwill visit. Fleet headquarters in person to the Eta Si news agency said the visit in military cooperation and the development of relations with foreign forces held within the framework of the program. Northern Fleet Commander Admiral Wu Shengli, met with Lieutenant General Maksimov, and visit the "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine.

"Admiral Kuznetsov" is the Soviet Union and Russia a true sense of the first aircraft carrier, it "Kiev" class aircraft carrier as the basis for design, but with sufficient length of the flight deck, defense capacity has been greatly strengthened . Is Russia's newest aircraft carrier, built during the Soviet period, formerly known as the Soviet Union number, the Kremlin number, Brezhnev number, Tbilisi, No. 1991, changing its name while serving Kuznetsov number, hull number 063. Like other Russian aircraft carrier, excluding aircraft carrier still has a strong fighting force. Are deployed in the Northern Fleet, is Russia's only aircraft carrier.

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