Chinese largest unmanned helicopter flight

China is the largest unmanned helicopter - V750 7 unmanned helicopter successful maiden flight in Weifang, Shandong, China to fill the gaps in medium-sized unmanned helicopter.

7 morning, in the Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. Weifang Tianxiang parked a test field purple helicopter, the body painted with the words white V750. Flight commander gave the order, once the engine roar, and then enter the program-controlled autonomous flight of unmanned aerial vehicles. UAV gently rising steadily hanging blanket the sky. Subsequently, the helicopter ground control personnel in accordance with the instructions to complete a high degree of remote transfer, forward flight, flying, etc. after the maneuver, the process of height of 25 meters. Ten minutes later, a smooth landing UAV, the crowd broke into loud applause.

It is understood, V750 is the largest helicopter, piloted by the two-seater aircraft B2B refitted, take-off weight of 75.7 kg, 80 kg payload is greater than the maximum level flight speed of 161 km per hour, maximum range 500 km endurance more than 4 hours. This machine can be manual remote control, you can also program-controlled autonomous flight, two modes can be switched in flight. V750 unmanned helicopter control more than 150 kilometers radius, use the service ceiling of 3,000 meters.

Weifang Tianxiang Aviation Industry Company Ltd. into a brown body, said, V750 successful development of unmanned helicopter, the UAV control of China's aviation manufacturing and a new breakthrough technology to fill gaps in China's medium-sized helicopter, marking China UAV development level and scaled to a new level.

V750 helicopter from Weifang Tianxiang Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haili Helicopter Co., Ltd. and China Aviation Technology Import and Export Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute, Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, the joint development of the tenth, At present annual output capacity of 150.

V750 is a versatile helicopter helicopter, from the airstrip, field sites, off the deck landing ship, carrying a variety of mission equipment. Helicopter can land and sea areas for specific activities, targets fixed and all-time aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and ground damage effect evaluation. Forest fire helicopter to be completed by monitoring high-voltage power line inspection systems, coastal marine monitoring, marine and mountain search and rescue missions.

Experts say it is a successful maiden flight of this model, research into the flight test phase after completion of procedures by the flight route can be considered only after the successful test flight.

The current stand-alone cost around V750 helicopter 10,000,000 -1,200 million yuan, according to different customer requirements, the aircraft was carrying the corresponding airborne equipment, the final price will depend on the fixed equipment on the aircraft.

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