China is constructing two new 052C destroyer for the aircraft carrier Varyag

When china's first aircraft carrier (the upgraded Russia aircraft carrier Varyag, named Shi Lang by China) will be in service, an American analyst discussed how China will use the aircraft carrier.

The expert is a well-known naval officer, his views are widely discussed. He anonymous said, "Shi Lang" is the Chinese navy in the second phase of a two-stage process of the main ship. In this process, the Chinese navy from the current state of the main coastal defense to the real "blue water navy"; to control the waters off the coast, near the region of the state of affairs.

In the "Shi Lang" was heading for remote areas, off the ground fighters seized control of the air or on the possible bombing targets, the Chinese Navy ships need to clear the area using a small enemy warships. In the Navy terminology, this is called "sea control." In this process, the defense to defeat the enemy fleet, to open the controversial waters of follow-on force control.

People are really at sea control is the main objective of the Navy in dispute; some countries strictly for naval defense, only in their own waters. Only in the absence of other naval activities in waters of defense, primarily for peaceful purposes, such as disaster relief. Most countries of the Navy to some extent in these concepts into the sea control; the U.S. Navy is currently the world's largest fleet of all possible tasks to competent.

However, the United States, analysts have said that the Chinese naval building efforts towards the recent emphasis on controlling the direction of the sea. He said: "It should be noted that they designed the ship type and ship design changes." The official continued: "Until a decade ago, Chinese warships have not self-protection or self (remote) projection capabilities. self-projection that ships carry enough supplies to perform remote tasks. Now they have a whole generation of guided missile destroyers; they built these destroyers have the ability to go out with a strong air defense capabilities, and can operate independently without landing on the equipment. "

In the nineties of last century when the Chinese navy has only one real missile destroyer. Since 2002, Beijing has built two missile destroyers 052C, and its displacement of 7,000 tons; only than the United States, "Allie - Burke" class destroyers few thousand tons. "Allie - Burke" class destroyers are the most abundant and most powerful surface warships. 052C destroyers equipped with long-range radar, short-range missiles and 50 anti-aircraft gun.

It is clear that China is building another two 052C destroyers, a few years they will begin service; that time, the Chinese Navy will be able to master the destroyer fleet in the disputed waters of the basic tactics, thanks to its the coast of Somalia to participate in the efforts to combat piracy.

The official said, "most significant anti-piracy patrols is that allows them to practice a certain form and formation activities. For me, this shows that they are ready to bound away from coastal waters, to the blue water sea control . "He pointed out that the" Shi Lang "aircraft carrier combination destroyers China is improving its technology and tactics. He said: "(This) told me that they are not only concerned about the sea control, power projection is still concerned about the possibility."

052C destroyer' head main artillery, anti-aircraft missile vertical launchers and near artillery

052C destroyer near artillery

Ship-to-ship missiles, multi-rocket launchers, air defense missile vertical launching systems and near Artillery

Ship-to-ship missiles in the middle and rear of the destroyer

Vertical launch system of long-range carrier-based air defense weapon HHQ-9

China's 052C air defense destroyer's vertical launcher 

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