Are China and Pakistan consulting that China provide J-20 fighter to Pakistan?

J-20 prototype test flight

According to Pakistani military officials following Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani's visit to China said, China has agreed to supply 50 JF-17 fighters to Pakistan in order to improve the country's air defense capability.

Chinese President Hu Jintao met here yesterday with visiting Gilani. During the meeting, Gilani said Pakistan thanked the Chinese side on the Palestinian side to support the fight against terrorism.

Earlier this month by U.S. special forces raid in the way bin Laden killed in Pakistan, highlighting the ability to expose the weakness of Pakistan's air defense. There are reports that bin Laden was killed in Pakistan until the Air Force have not found the aircraft penetrated airspace, so that long-term support to Pakistan's China uneasy.

A Pakistani strategists said the rapid delivery of 50 "Fierce Dragon" fighter was originally scheduled to be completed within two years of delivery. Before the two countries have jointly developed by a group of Pakistan's FC-1 "Fierce Dragon" fighter (the Palestinian side said that JF-17 "Lightning" fighters) to be assembled in Pakistan. "We will have been based on that part, then get 50 JF-17 fighter aircraft. The two sides reached a certain consensus in Beijing, so that will be delivered as soon as possible." The high-level Pakistan Air Force spokesman said.

"The New York Times" said this 50 "Fierce Dragon" fighters are equipped with the most advanced electronic reconnaissance and navigation equipment, jointly developed by China and Pakistan, but all the costs paid by the Chinese.

India media speculated that Pakistan will get these planes in June. In addition, China had consultations for providing J-20 fighter. It is reported that these new aircraft are not included, Pakistan will have 260 Chinese-made fighter planes, which is a major force in Pakistan Air Force.

Yesterday Jintao and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari also exchanged congratulatory messages to mark the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. On the same day, Premier Wen Jiabao and Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Pakistan also exchanged congratulatory messages on 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations. The two sides said in his message in the current complex and volatile international and regional situation, China and Pakistan to further consolidate and develop good-neighborly and friendly cooperation between the two countries and the fundamental interests of the people, but also conducive to regional and world peace and development. All-weather friendship between the two sides reiterated that they will deepen, strengthen all-round cooperation and push bilateral strategic cooperative partnership to a new level.

FC-1 fighter, JF-17 fighter

Most of the fighters in Pakistan still in the second-generation level, which have a great gap with Indian fighters, so the strategic significance of JF-17 is to realize Pakistan Air Force replacement, reversing 20 years of quality disadvantage.

J-20 fighter, the second J-20 prototype

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