Aircraft carrier is the most dangerous man-made environment in the world

Every 37 seconds in the mobile deck

A take-off or landing

3 seconds catapult

Accelerate from zero to 256 km per hour

Aircraft carrier deck hand is a dangerous profession. High-speed aircraft landed on the ground, risk has been great, but to land on an aircraft carrier deck, the deck of the aircraft carrier's pilots and ground crew for the more dangerous. The deck of an aircraft carrier, is considered the most dangerous in the world of 18,000 square meters. This record is dangerous moment on the U.S. aircraft carrier.

Every 37 seconds in the mobile deck

A take-off or landing

Jet every 37 seconds, it is necessary in the mobile carrier 48 km per hour on the deck or landing time. This is a challenge for pilots, while the crew on deck, they also face great danger.

Each aircraft carrier has about 5,000 people, who are responsible for ensuring the safety and aircraft carriers and aircraft maintenance.

In 1994, an American driving a pilot called "Tom Kite," the F-14 aircraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean. The plane lost control, the pilot in order not to hit aircraft, crashed into the sea, he saved many lives on the deck.

3 seconds to catapult from zero to 256 km per hour

In order to facilitate the identification of their respective responsibilities and the dangers they may face, the crew were wearing the clothes of various colors. Yellow shirt with the crew in charge of aircraft and hangar deck of all movement. Tottenham captain Wales on the aircraft carrier, said: "We are very close from the aircraft to move the aircraft in the next, engines, vents, air vents, etc. in the present, the slightest mistake will hurt.

Maintenance of aircraft catapult is a green shirt crew duties. Into the air to the aircraft, aircraft catapult to the aircraft speed of 3 seconds to accelerate from zero speed to 256 km per hour. Parked on the deck of the aircraft in the full horsepower engine, a green shirt the crew to climb the aircraft below, check the gear is solid. Once a fault or equipment failure, their life was in danger at any time.

Carrier is the world's most dangerous man-made environment

The crew stood on the deck is also a risk. The mouth of the powerful jet exhaust heat can also overturned the crew on deck. Carrier is the world's most dangerous man-made environment.

Greater risk at night than during the day. Darkness enveloped the aircraft carrier, risk is more unpredictable, the crew but also with the fatigue resistance. Enough sleep may make people feel very tired, this time landing on the deck to be very dangerous, you have to concentrate, carefully.

On the deck, the crew must be careful with each other to see some of the crew to do some things not appropriate to be approached to stop him.

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