The .U.S. military deplore PLA is not what it was, which was waved aside 10 years ago

Photo aircraft carrier Varyag being modified

China military:According to the "Aviation Week" recently reported that China is a focus the U.S. Air Force and the Navy pay attention to for long time, which has not a secret. But this kind of attention to Sino-US relations extremely nervous, and invite some people criticized the United States. China will be the United States as a focus, the relationship between the two countries from the mid-90s last century, many factors have contributed to the formation. China's economic development and technological progress as capital to compete with the United States; 1995-1995 Taiwan Strait crisis, U.S. military pressure on China to promote China's military modernization has accelerated the process, and the Taiwan issue has been affecting the development direction of China's military modernization.

The article said that 10 years ago, the U.S. analysts are also dismissive of the PLA. Until 2011, they had to acknowledge China's strength in the Western Pacific. Over the years, the development of China's military strength, including:

(1) Information Development: digital so that the long-term progress made by China's military forces, especially the Second Artillery Corps, Air Force and Navy. Optical, radar, electronic surveillance satellite network, AWACS, electronic surveillance and passive anti-stealth radar, a significant increase in the PLA's combat accuracy.

(2) Information Attack: In mid-2000, U.S. intelligence agencies discovered the People's Liberation Army's "advanced persistent threat" (APT), which is a form of cyber espionage, the main goal is the U.S. defense industry and armed forces.

(3) precision air and missile strikes: China is developing long-range guided rockets and air-launched guided weapons, including bombs and cruise missiles, in addition to the ballistic missile threat to U.S. military bases.

(4) naval power: China's navy has 50 to 80 conventional submarines, imported or imitation is also the former Soviet Union's submarine was the "Song" class, "meta" level and the Russian "Kilo" class submarine replaced. "Song" class and "Kilo" class submarines equipped with a submarine-launched YJ-82 anti-ship cruise missiles, and "Kilo" class submarine is also equipped with Enuowate Missile Design Bureau, 3M-54 "Club" cruise missile family.

The article said that in 2010, the U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Robert - Willard (Robert F. Willard), said the PLA's Dongfeng-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles already have an initial operational capability. China's aircraft carrier program also is developing rapidly, recently, there are pictures on the Internet shows that China's purchase of the "Varyag" aircraft carrier has entered the service before the final transformation stage. In 2009, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert - Gates (Robert Gates) has said China can not be equipped by 2020 stealth fighter; and F -20 fighter has, however, Gates laid bare assertion.

The article said that if Sino-US conflict, the PLA is likely to have the United States and coalition forces launched attacks, and air and sea attacks from the United States military bases in Okinawa and Guam.

The article said that the growing surface of the "sea air" concept of operations requires the PLA to deal with the United States to take the following means:

(1) use of air power against the PLA maritime surveillance systems and anti-ship ballistic missiles.

(2) in January, the United States shows the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, the use of the system tracks mobile offshore vessels, the F/A-18 fighter and then put AMG-154C glide bombs to destroy.

(3) the Navy's "Aegis" warships to provide defense for the U.S. forward bases. Sea-based ballistic missile defense system (BMD) in recent years has been about a U.S. Navy battle plans change.

(4) can destroy long-range penetration of the PLA's combat ground-based, long-range maritime surveillance systems and missiles can deal with the PLA ships and bases. Meanwhile, the Navy air attack submarines will provide protection.

Another mode of sea and air is the development of coordinated operations of the infrared sensor system load can be used for land-based ballistic missile defense and unmanned aerial vehicles, etc. The system enables a new generation of equipment, "Aegis" system, "Burke" class missile U.S. destroyer has abandoned class guided missile cruiser CG-X as the combat effectiveness. In addition, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency research and development of long-range anti-ship missile (LRASM) plan aimed at air and sea operations.

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