Qaddafi wrote Obama request a ceasefire, said that Obama is "our dear son"

Libyan opposition Xintian of heavy weapons

Heavy weapons Libya opposition equipped

A NATO spokesman 6 revealed that western troops were deployed on the plane to Libya 198 sorties, domestic government launched this week target since the heavy air attacks. Earlier, Libyan opposition publicly complained that supporters of the NATO Air Force Gaddafi "too soft", resulting in a large number of civilian casualties.

The White House confirmed that the Libyan leader A Zhafei 6, sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, calling for "our dear son," ordered "to stop the unjust war against developing countries." Gaddafi in this three-page letter, will be called Obama "has enough courage to correct their mistakes and take responsibility for the leader", he even wished the success of U.S. presidential election next year.

Gaddafi said, in order to maintain world peace and promote friendship between the people of Libya and the United States and the mutual economic development and cooperation on combating terrorism, the United States asked NATO to stop air strikes should be targets in Libya. In particular, he stressed that the U.S. supports a large number of terrorists hidden in the opposition. However, White House spokesman rejected the cease-fire requirements Gaddafi.

Earlier this week, NATO took over from the United States military action against Libya command. U.S. troops on Monday began withdrawing the deployment of warplanes against Libya, and "Tomahawk" cruise missiles. The Pentagon also announced that the U.S. military only for the future of NATO warplanes against Libya to provide air refueling, reconnaissance and electronic interference to support, not directly target air strikes against Libya.

Now, the Libyan government and the opposition contest mainly concentrated in the western and eastern Masi LVL near the oil city of Bu Leijia. NATO warplanes bomb as the air less, so the opposition can not achieve effective progress on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the U.S. special envoy, is the opposition access to the temporary government seat of Benghazi, and held a number of prominent figures and local secret talks.

Libyan opposition also claimed that the so-called "no-fly zone" only should be banned off Gaddafi regime, combat aircraft, and should not limit the armed opposition against government forces the plane took off target. Now, NATO air force adopted a "even-keeled" policy, whether the government warplanes have planes, or the opposition is allowed in the so-called "no-fly zones" activities.

"New York Times" revealed that the military now has less Gaddafi regime the use of tanks and other artillery attacks on the opposition front. They use mortars hidden in residential areas to compete with the opposition. Small mortar positions as needed, and can move quickly and flexibly in all directions against the opponent, greatly increasing the NATO aircraft more difficult to find ground targets.

Although the United States and other Western countries that provide military equipment to the opposition, but reluctant to do it. In the United States, many members of Congress most worried about is that the equipment provided by the United States fell into the hands of insurgents. Therefore, the United States need to understand the real situation of the opposition. In addition, only a few countries such as France and Italy recognize the transitional government set up the Libyan opposition.

Earlier, Libyan opposition claimed that they had received from "ally" of the weapons, but refused to disclose from which countries these weapons in the end. American journalists also confirmed that Libya appeared in the hands of the opposition and other heavy equipment, artillery and rockets. French Foreign Minister Zhu Peigong open denied that the country provides weapons to the opposition. Where the equipment came from remains a mystery.

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