Chinese J-15 carrier aircraft pictures

J -15 "Flying Shark" fighters said to be the first species of the Chinese Navy carrier-based fighter. The aircraft is believed to Central China Aviation Industry Corporation, Shenyang Aircraft design and manufacturing, the design from the F -11, with reference to the Ukrainian T-10K-3 demonstrator. So far there is no picture of any fighter aircraft F -15 Appreciation (20) where the official information on the machine. Only some information from some people speculate, and the official press speculation had also just witnessed the picture test report. So far, there is no any official source confirmed that the machine exists, but is widely believed the aircraft carrier-based fighter has become the preferred model. Allegedly, the aircraft will be deployed in China purchased from Ukraine, "Varyag" aircraft carrier, and China designed and built their own aircraft carrier. According to information from the network, May 6, 2010 J -15 flying leaps for the first time slip, the same year on July 8 for a second test flight. If true, then the proof will become the future of domestic F -15's main carrier-based aircraft carrier. Although there is certain F -15, but still no official word as a basis. J -15 is still currently in flight test, another two-seat F--15, according to news is also under development.

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