China J-20 again appeared: the EU embargo on China became an international joke

Into the twenty-first century, the arms embargo began to look more and more embarrassed. 2004 calls for the lifting of the embargo on China increasing, but the total can not lift. Year was so much noise in the most vicious and even cause miscarriage of justice in China.

But the end of that year also failed to lift the Chinese clearly see the structure of power within the EU. No longer imagine the EU's decision-making capacity. Although in cooperation with the European Union has been awkward, to know where the bottom line, how to respond. F-20 appeared shocked that the EU is very embarrassing, representatives of EU security and foreign affairs have suggested that the face of a large country like China, arms did not achieve the role in fact disabled.

Although the Chinese Government will often have the opportunity to appeal to the European Union to lift, you can know only as an inner attitude. But let the outside world looks to lift the embargo is the most urgent. It is not.

There are two reasons: First, China urged the EU to lift arms embargo on weapons is not the focus; Second, China called for lifting the EU arms embargo is just a diplomatic pressure.

Just as the military released the news of the weapons in Europe is too expensive for China, and China have a substitute, or even better. It will not lift the arms embargo arms trade between China and Europe have any real impact. However, due to too many arms embargo restricted bilateral trade, China-EU economic and trade can not lead to normal development. Therefore, we must give a certain degree of diplomatic pressure in order to support one faction calling for the lifting.

Why is it ridiculous, why is it the EU's embarrassing.

That funny, the first flight from J20, China's technology has been no less than Europe. Europe can not be the same technology has also developed its own aircraft, have to uphold the sanctions against China in this type of technology policy. The policy object does not like the embargo is, but rather the European Union itself. That can not be lifted because of embarrassment, said the EU is not, who is in charge, the United States!

As the EU's decision-making mechanism, the major issues which require consensus before being made. It is this system will be the EU's strategy right handed substantially the hands of the United States.

Here take a look at what the arms embargo in the end cut-off, determined not to look at why the United States agreed to lift the last possible way to see the European Union.

The arms embargo is a ban on the surface of the arms trade, but because many technologies are of military value, so the radiating arms embargo is extremely broad.

Example One: space cooperation.

Satellite technology and rocket technology we all know is the missile technology, space reconnaissance technology. Therefore, the arms trade, arms embargo, but also against the European Space Technology and China's cooperation. Even the commercial satellite launch contracts have been limited.

Example two: civil aviation technology.

Aviation technology, said it is difficult to distinguish between civilian and military, the civil aviation between China and Europe a considerable range of communication technologies have limitations. Direct cooperation between the 15 have a lot of twists and turns.

There are other navigation technology, and so, if careful study covered almost all areas of high-tech cooperation.

Therefore, an arms embargo on the surface of policy, its essence, is the high-tech trade embargo policy. The United States have been killed, a self-limiting many of the technical development of their own. Moreover, Europe's independent innovation ability has not the United States strong, so is tantamount to limit Europe's own high-tech foreign exchange, also limit their high-tech development.

This is why Germany is so active on the lift, because he's the most advanced high-tech fields, most in need of development.

But this appears to be Europe's own thing, why the United States so anxious lit it.

U.S. national strategy is to ensure American hegemony, in the technical field to always keep the outside was overwhelming. Here the "outside" includes not only China, Russia, also includes a pole to Europe as the world. Compression as the United States spared no effort in the development of Europe.

If the comprehensive cooperation between Europe and China, the situation will be China and Europe in the technical area of ​​mutual promotion and common development. Will inevitably lead to China and Europe each pole and the rise of the world. This is the United States can not tolerate. Therefore, lifting the EU arms embargo to stop the policy will be so "spare no effort."

However, the content of the embargo, after all, the EU decision-making, how can the United States to stop. The original decision-making in the European Union calls for major policy decisions must be completely consistent. EU decision-making seems very "fair", to equal the power of small countries. However, if the EU might have to make decisions affecting the interests of the United States, the United States identify one of the small country as long as the carrot and stick judiciously, can easily prevent the EU's action.

But the United States, the European Union not to lift the ban, it will always find some reason for it on the table. As a result, the United States was self-limiting. It it not hurt so trouble-EU, but also hurt themselves? United States does hurt myself, but looking back when it was discovered.

For the decision-making at that time, are long-term interests (not for example, and you understand.) Electoral democracy in the political environment lead to long-term interests of the country's political parties can easily be sacrificed, this is a normal phenomenon, there is not to discuss the.

However, the United States is a favorite to break the "rules" of the country, so the U.S. can always find a variety of reason to all the agreements have been signed as waste paper, C-130 fakers trade ban is the most prominent example. So for the United States, all the rules of protocol is not a problem, as long as was consistent with U.S. "interests", it can be anything. So the U.S. can maintain a variety of sanctions against China's measures, in order to be the official grand to the European crown, said: You see, I did not lift the ban. Europe is more embarrassing, the European law-abiding is only watched their own binding the feet.

If Europe is to force decision-making, lifting the arms embargo, the United States is difficult to manage and exchange of technology between Europe and China had. One can not say the counter, and second, after the country lifted a matter tube States, the United States can not separately. However, a move also left the United States. As in the aerospace and other important areas of intellectual property in Europe is not completely, a lot of technology from the United States, many devices only U.S. production.

So once the EU to lift the embargo, the United States by threatening to terminate the US-European space cooperation, the European space development can not be himself, Galileo program we all see very clearly. So Europe can only obey. The United States does, by the embargo policy to prevent the exchange of other aspects of China and the EU is the most convenient means of. As long as the United States to oppose, it can be said that the exchange of technology can be used for military, threatening Europe can not communicate.

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