China achieved a major breakthrough in processing technology of warship propeller

Chinese scientists independently developed "propeller with a heavy seven Five Axis Milling machine tool," has officially identified by scientific and technological achievements.

It is reported that Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. by the commitment, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Propeller Co., Ltd. Wärtsilä Ship's completion of new technology, will enable several generations of Chinese people to ship propellers quiet work, so that ships quietly voyage of the dream.

Identification of experts believe that this national "863 Program" developed by the milling complex machine tools, has reached international advanced level, breaking the Western developed countries to such restrictions and closures machine, heavy machine tools in China to further enhance the technical level and international competitiveness, will China's shipbuilding industry and related industries to provide advanced processing of the key parts of the domestic equipment.

It is understood that the lathe can be realized on the propeller leaves overlap, non-overlapping part of the propeller blade profile and the regional hub in the hole and so the overall precision machining milling, but also the characteristics of using milling complex, for more than a fixture plane processing, greatly improving the overall propeller surface processing accuracy and processing efficiency, solve the problem of large-scale processing of the whole propeller.

Takeshige Group official said, in terms of economic efficiency, national security, industrial upgrading, environmental protection and green point of view, or from the market demand, this technology has broad applications and products into the prospects for the shipbuilding industry, power industry, aviation manufacturing and other special surface processing leaves for China's shipbuilding industry, "China" set a good example.

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