Amazing secret: China and the former Soviet air force had shot down UFO

Summer of 1993, Guangxi's Tianyang airport exception boring. Most of the pilots were asleep, leaving only a few people on duty.

3:30 or so, sentinel in the sky suddenly found three things off the compass-like, very slow and low flight, he immediately reported on duty on duty flight chief Luo Xiangsheng, not enough time to consult higher authorities, 3 UFO on the first aircraft on the airport launched a dynasty, the aircraft exploded one frame. Captain raised to first-class battle command level, the pilots take on the Soviet Union -27, with the rising of a signal flare, the aircraft took off one after another, do not know that we have to fight back, or the attack is completed, the UFO began to withdraw. Our pilots followed up, they were attacked, however, UFO unmoved. 10 minutes after it was discovered with the aircraft flying saucer is beating about the bush, then, began to fight back the flying saucer. A Soviet -27 beaten down, the pilot ejected successfully fled the plane.

After ten minutes of fierce fighting, a UFO was shot, no flash, braved the smoke southeast fall, two UFO followed up. Pilots for safety reasons, withdrew.

The next day, people find some of the UFO debris.

Mystery of the former Soviet Union top-secret military base in the case of UFO: Air Force to shoot down UFO

October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched its first lead in a satellite. Four years later, Russia will Gagarin into space, this is the first human astronauts flying around the Earth, so the United States once again lost out. Two successive victories, the Soviet Union ahead of the fierce arms race in space.

The total charge of affairs of the Russian head of UFO A Gugu said: UFO crash there are still a place of radioactive material, a series of UFO events Kapustin Yar base brought a Pandora's box and lead to later in Russian airspace, and been called the event of war.

In the Soviet MiG fighter and UFO encounters over the Kapustin Yar in the many events, most notably the Soviet air force will trump the number of test pilots Popovich personal experience. She is a national hero, she said she had witnessed between the Soviet Air Force, and UFO battle.

February 1980, in the implementation of a top-secret military flight mission, Popovich saw in the Russian airspace several UFOs. Popovich recalled: I saw three fireballs. Three bright fireball was scary, arranged in triangular formation, and I watched them fly from me.

Another MiG fighter test pilot, Colonel Mihajlovic, the first time spoke about his experiences. August 7, 1967, 6:30 pm, Colonel Mihajlovic reported that his MiG fighter flying saucer about to be hijacked in the air. "When I left the air in the completion of action, have suddenly found just above the photosphere. This huge flying saucer slowly getting brighter, I was ready to control the aircraft quickly to avoid it, but it has been its wing sweep emitted light in the. the aircraft began to shake, and then swings back and forth to shake off the hook. saucer that little spot on too bright. My mechanic told me later Mikhail 'Mihajlovic, your machine wings in the light! 'think I was more surprised that it. Later, a whole week to the Treasury, the aircraft's left wing has been in gleaming white. "

Successive civilian and military claim to find the flying saucer, and by the government aware of a number of related rumors, the KGB, began extensive investigations. At the same time, security agencies are drafting a report on the activities of the Soviet Union the official UFO report, known as the "KGB blue file." Blue KGB files has experienced 20 years of writing and research, to include the mid 60s to mid 80s all this information 20 years, governments or other agencies in any official UFO research in the field of information, can not detailed than that, it was.

With the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, some secret video recordings of the Soviet military, and even through the official channels. In the fifties and sixties, when Soviet military rocket and missile tests in the series of failures when the base has also undergone a major catastrophic incidents more than ... ... they are really just an ordinary accident? Retaliatory attacks or UFO?

It is said that at the Kapustin Yar and the Court of top-secret work continues today, near the base of the flying saucer has been in frequent activities. According to one researcher said that the recent wreckage of crashed flying saucer about to be shipped to Kapustin Yar research. To wait until these secret underground lab and exposure of Kapustin Yar, I am afraid will not be half past one thing, and we have only just begun to scratch "Russian UFO crash" this puzzling secrets.

The end of September 1998, Badan Jaran Desert in China's Air Force test site suddenly appeared over several UFO. As the situation got off the green flares, an FT-6 aircraft afterburner immediately trailing cone flying into the night sky with flames roaring, Liu Ming, deputy head of the flight the pilot and flight commander Hu Shaoheng. Soon they found a flier: round profile, curved top. The two pilots of the fighter suddenly augmented in order to occupy the height advantage, the aircraft jumped inverted, and referrals to whether to shoot down ... ...

The end of September 1998, I accompanied several academicians to study Badan Jaran Desert. Come to visit this Badan Jaran Desert are several handsome fellow, Academy of Sciences Wang Daheng mind clear, vertical and horizontal thinking, action and discourse have maintained the inherent rhythm; Luo Peilin Although 85-year-old academician, then while you're still thinking, elegant style of conversation Confucianism, from time to time to open on a few jokes; Cui Junzhi Academy facile imagination, humble man, he is more than 60 years of age, in the Wong Lo, Lo Lo has always been a student in front of itself, arm, such a small car door, he is very concerned about , giving much feeling; YANG Shi meter eighty in height and several academicians, just sturdy frame, is a learned scholar Ba. He thought prudent, careful scrutiny, good grasp of technology from the micro to the macro and key areas, he always wanted the bases before speaking.

October 5 is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a test site in the evening YANG Shi Academy had a birthday, the academicians are very moved. During the reception, Zhao Xu told me to do tests at the airport that night. This is a very difficult chance encounter, I proposed an interview at the airport.

8 pm or so, I rushed to the runway, the research and testing has begun, a fighter aircraft is taxiing on the runway. A bright moon, Olga Bay pale pinkish purple color landing lights, lights flashing at the active figure ... ... lays out a moving picture.

In the shadows flickering on the runway, Zhao Xu told me he and many other bases on the runway together researchers witnessed an encounter UFO (unidentified flying object) events. Zhao Xu I graduated from Beijing Institute of Aeronautics, is the name of the unmanned aircraft expert, Air Force Major General professional and technical, and other witnesses have similar qualifications and technical expertise, they personally witnessed this should be solid and reliable.

Two months ago, the evening of August 6, the same night as the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhao Xu is leading a scientific experiment. The plane ready to take off from the runway south to north, at this moment, suddenly the first one on the north from the runway about two huge fireball fall from the sky. "At that time people feel the presence of the two groups over the fire will burn, and have subconsciously avoid." Zhao Xu stay calm and immediately call the person up off the platform tower shooting. When the camera man stumbled down, and the two fireball into the sky. The two big fireball Jidao beam of radiation from the inside out, no sound, came and went without a trace.

1999 Spring Festival, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, introduced to several media on the origin of bony fish, a new discovery, after the dinosaur expert Zhaoxi into told me about a few years ago the dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang fossil study, he and other dinosaur expert Dong Zhiming, who personally witnessed the incident with the UFO. When he was coming out from the tent, one looked up and saw a distant cliff above a large bright object was moving, half the sky lit the flame.

He stunned and speechless, for a moment before the mind reflects the "UFO" concept. He turned around and brought the gun from the tent, also cried out for others to watch. Dong Zhiming then put aside the tent witnessed the unusual scene. I asked Zhao Xi Jin, you shoot it? He replied, no. He ruled out the possibility of any known flying objects, because they "did not so much energy."

Many sightings have supported this view, the Gobi desert is prone areas UFO incident, one person due to Kuang thin, and second, because the visibility is good. So, are there any other reasons?

Air hide and seek

Badan Jaran Desert returned from Beijing, I noticed a bit all over the world gathered on the discovery of UFO material, these materials are the before and after August 1998.

At 11:00 on October 19 or so, Cangzhou, Hebei Air Force found a UFO over the airport. At that time the radar report: an entity of air moving over at the airport, is rapidly to the northeast direction. At the same time, the airport ground staff found a bright spot in the skies above his head, began like the stars, one red and one white, two stars in the spinning. Flying objects may be due to reduced height, bigger profile looks like a short stalk of the mushroom, the lower part seem to have a lot of light, of which a large, has been irradiated to the ground.

Air traffic control authorities quickly confirmed that there is no civil aircraft through the airport over the Air Force another night training has been a half hour ago. "It may be alien aircraft" combat troops immediately into the first class.

23:30, radar, flying objects have been reported, and hover over to the Qing County, Hebei, where a high degree of 1,500 meters.

As the situation got off the green flares, an FT-6 aircraft afterburner roaring flames trailing cone flying into the night sky, Liu Ming, deputy head of the flight the pilot and flight commander Hu Shaoheng. They reach the target location of an airplane, according to ground command position, height, and soon found a flier: round profile, curved top, flat bottom, the bottom rows and rows of lights, beam down, the edge of a red light, the whole shaped like a huge straw hat!

Li night Command deputy commander of the flying objects near the command pilot. Flying objects at a distance of about 4,000 meters, it suddenly increased. Pilot flying immediately climb, rising 3,000 meters when the aircraft when the aircraft came to the flying objects are just above. This shows the aircraft flying objects overhead rise faster than the plane. Paralysis of the pilot decided to look at the flying objects, change the direction of flight dropped altitude, and flying objects apart.

Interestingly, the flying objects actually seemed very intelligent comes along. Two fighter pilots suddenly seize the afterburner in order to occupy the height advantage, the aircraft jumped inverted, the aircraft to level flight when they found that flying objects have been higher than their 2000 meters. Continue to pursue the pilot to fly a plane flying objects, flying objects into sets of Liu Ming, deputy head of sight into the ring to open the trigger insurance, and referrals to whether to shoot down. The vice commander asked them not to worry, first see what it is.

Although the aircraft has increased the throttle, or not close to an aircraft, the aircraft up to 12,000 meters, the UFO has an altitude of 20,000 meters. An alarm signal when the aircraft fuel, catching down the fuel running out. Stock of the situation was returning ground command command aircraft, ground radar to track and monitor. When ready to launch two new fighters to capture the flying objects, it has disappeared from the radar screen.

Witnessed the bewildering

This is the UFO incident in 1998 has suffered the more typical and credible one. According to local statistics from related departments, the UFO that night witnessed a mass of about 160 thousand.

Before this month, the Australian outback residents of a small village no doubt to the media reports, they witnessed a UFO. Agence France-Presse reported this news. Quinoline on behalf of the small village called the village, located north of Sydney, about 4 hours drive from Sydney. Sixty-one-year-old Younis, aged Stanfield is the village the village has witnessed one of the UFO.

She said she first noticed spider falls on her son's body material, "then we can see the sky about 20 silver objects." She said that when people move the location and speed up the pace of the time, this spider-like substances from the body fell to the ground. There are also web-like material hanging on the phone line. UFO Society of Australia spokesman John Dewey said Ross, quinoline on behalf of the village about 20 villagers report to the Association through the hotline they see.

Rose Dewey explained, "those who object may be high-quality silver-white fishing line," This is really big surprise, because as an island of Australia, probably the most familiar thing to include fishing line, no matter how high quality.

October 4, 1997, the U.S. industrial giant, 88-year-old Lawrence Rockefeller in his luxury home near New York, organized a seminar on the UFO. He got a Stanford University astrophysicist Peter Sturrock's help, 10 listened to the scientific community authorities from around the world eight UFO scholars to speak. In this workshop, participants drafted a report entitled "UFO observation evidence." The report made public in the media and became the first in favor of the existence of UFOs a scientific document.

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