Western countries make Libya as counter exhibition of weapons

Multinational coalition military strike against Libya is still continuing 26, 25 to 26 days late, the capital Tripoli, 30 kilometers east of Area Tadjoura coalition warplanes were bombing again, and loyal to the army and anti-Gaddafi exchange of fire between government forces also continue. 26, the armed opposition, announced the support of foreign fighters under the coalition, they Gaddafi hands of the army to retake the eastern oil city of Ai quarter Dabi Ye, Gaddafi's troops to retreat near the direction of Bopuleijia Kong. Witnesses said the Ai quarter in the east entrance of Da Biye more than 20 vehicles were destroyed or abandoned tanks and artillery, and fighting in the city's west entrance is more intense, several Mingkazhafei army soldiers were killed. Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Keim confirmed later in the day, government forces have been fierce Western coalition warplanes bombed the morning has been withdrawn Dabi Ye Ai quarter, the opposition said the same day armed men east of the Bo Leijia They also re-port control, Gaddafi's army withdrew to the city of the west. Also in the west of Misurata, Gaddafi troops used artillery to the city from the east and west directions to attack the rebels. Witnesses said government troops in tanks and sea level along the road from the west marching to the city, and foreign fighters allied troops on the outskirts of the city's Gaddafi was bombed. Currently the U.S. military is handed over to the NATO military action on the part of Libya's command, which is on Libya's no-fly zone patrols in command. NATO said it would achieve a seamless no-fly zone patrols over, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen stressed that NATO under the current circumstances, to take over from U.S. troops patrol a no-fly zone, and mandate to protect civilians in fact it is against the Libyan army ground forces, still by the United States, Britain, France and to be responsible.

Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama (26) in his weekly radio address, described the current fighting: military operations in Libya with clear objectives and is successful. Libya's air defense system was destroyed, Gaddafi in the Libyan army has stopped all over the advance.

Obama also pointed out that in addition to other military action, the United States to provide humanitarian assistance to Libya to Libya to support the opposition to freeze the assets of Gaddafi, the pressure on the Qaddafi regime was "growing."

Just at 25, commander of U.S. Africa Command, Hao Farm, receive access to the U.S. media, stressed that the goal is not a bombing campaign to overthrow Gaddafi, the coalition did not provide weapons to the Libyan rebels.

So, the U.S. pressure on the Qaddafi regime's "growing", but at the same time that does not want to overthrow Gaddafi, of which what is the reason? Research Associate, Institute of West Asian and African Academy of Social Sciences Yin Gang gives this analysis:

Yin Gang: The United States is still the pay greater attention to Security Council Resolution 1793, is the no-fly zone Ye Hao, kaza non-ground bombing offensive force Ye Hao, has only one aim is to prevent the killing of opposition kaza non, not said, must take the kaza non-put to death, the purpose is basically cease-fire. Security Council Resolution 1793 and also said that if a cease-fire, then he needs a political solution. In fact, from Benghazi interim committee was set up after the transition committee of the United States were studied, all kinds of opposition, Libya has a relatively conservative set of knowledge, is that they are difficult to replace kaza non. That is, if you are in this country dominated by tribal, if not put to death the kaza, to eradicate him, then this country will not have peace. Because kaza non, or get the support of some of the tribes. This and some other countries are still different, not just a political leader of non-kaza, he was a tribal leader, this is more clear that the U.S. does not want to be dragged into a new war, This outcome is difficult to predict. At this point, the differences between the U.S. and France are very large. Now that the transfer to NATO command of the hands, but is actually a US-led NATO. Also said that in the future, meaning foolhardy France, the French take the lead role may disappear.

The current military action in Libya, the situation of weapons used by coalition forces, but also become the focus of attention. According to data released by the coalition forces only fired 25 day 16 Tomahawk cruise missiles. So far, the number of coalition forces fired Tomahawk missiles close to the Gulf War.

Why were only 8 days of air strikes on Libya, the number of Tomahawk cruise missiles used by up to 42 days to close the Gulf War? Well-known military expert, Rear Admiral Yin Cho that, in addition to the current platform to bring more advanced missile, the current operations of non-contact nature of Libya is one of the factors.

Yin Cho: Now that the West uses more advanced weapons, one is the Tomahawk missiles during the Gulf War more than a platform to carry more. Because during the Gulf War, the U.S. Navy's delivery capacity is 500, now a converted cruise missile submarine Ohio membership to take a boat 154. So it is now a platform to launch the missile much more than before, the number of cruise missiles carried by each platform is also much more than that time, but also greatly improved the performance of the missile, like a cruise missile Blcok-4 cruise in the war zone it can , this time it can play a lot of time-sensitive factors, goal is to cruise past the goal can not fight now it will be able to play, of course, much more efficient now. It is not exactly the same with the Gulf War is, adhere to the non-contact operations, it is mainly by ground fire against armed, mainly by air power to fight, so it put the missiles and air power density than the time and advanced degree of strength much higher.

In addition, Yin Zhuo also noted: the battlefield of Western multi-national to Libya, as well as the exhibition of military counter.

YinzhuoThe war against Libya Lianjun use a lot of large quantities of advanced weapons, we can see, there are some weapons are put into use the first time in the battlefield, like the Typhoon fighter plane is about 100 million U.S. dollars, close to Tornado a million, like a Tomahawk cruise missile Blcok 4 probably in the 100 to 1,400,000 U.S. dollars, are high-priced weapons. So now begun to question the United States, the U.S. newspaper said such a high price to get the weapons often play some low-value target, why is this child? It has a very clear reason, they regarded this action against Libya, demonstrate their advanced weapons as a platform for exhibition is actually the counter, the actual Tornado and Typhoon fighters are Britain and France want to sell the fighter jets, which If the aircraft were tested in the war, have appeared, then we know that it will be the future prospects for better sales.

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