Shintaro Ishihara: Japan should develop nuclear weapons against China's rise

Very popular in the Japanese people's hard-line rightists in Japan before Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara told the British newspaper "Independent" interview that Japan should develop nuclear weapons to respond to the threat of rapidly rising China.

He said that Japan could build a nuclear weapon within a year.

British "The Independent" published an exclusive interview. In the interview, Ishihara usual hard-line attitude to the question: "All our enemies: China, Korea, Russia, all of our neighbors have nuclear weapons. The world can find another country to live in such a case it? "

Ishihara said that people always talk about that sort of thing costs, but the fact that nuclear weapons would mean a diplomatic bargaining power. All permanent members of UN Security Council have nuclear weapons.

"The Independent" that these arguments comes from the fear of China's military growth. In addition, China has replaced Japan as the world's second largest economy, is also a stimulating factor.

In the interview, Ishihara Diaoyu Islands, also referred to the collision that happened last year. He claims that this release of the Chinese captain of Japan ended in the police exposed the weakness of Japan in Asia. He said, "If Japan has nuclear weapons, China has not dyed fingertips House islands (known as Diaoyu in China)."

He also said that a nuclear-armed Japan, will also win the respect of Russia, Russia in World War II captured the four islands of Japan. Ishihara and suggested that Japan should abolish restrictions on the manufacture and sale of weapons.

He said: "We should develop sophisticated weapons and sell them abroad. In the United States swept the field before, in Japan the world's best tanks. We should put it back."

In 1967, when Prime Minister Eisaku Sato of Japan speech in Congress formally proposed "three non-nuclear principles", that is, not manufacturing, not possessing, not brought into nuclear weapons. November 1971, the Japanese House of Representatives plenary session vote. Eisaku Sato in 1974 I also won the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, Ishihara said in an interview, while Sato secret contacts with the U.S. for help. He said that if the Government later Sato developed nuclear weapons, North Korea would not have so many abductions of Japanese citizens.

Shintaro Ishihara, 78 years old, is a famous Japanese right-wingers, has run for LDP president ended in failure. 1999, as the third governor of Tokyo since. Ishihara strong words, sharp and tough stance toward China to the United States are, but all year round to maintain a high popularity.

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