Naoto Kan, acknowledged receiving political contributions of foreigners, but refusing to resign

8.8 Earthquake

japan tsunami,japan Earthquake Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan 11, a cabinet meeting on the morning of the fund management groups admit that they had received a South Korean men in political contributions, and that will be returned after the contributions are clear, but refused to resign.

Reported that between 2006 and 2009, Naoto Kan, a fund management team in Japan, South Korea received a total of ¥ 1,040,000 men (about 82 thousand yuan) political contributions. However, Naoto Kan at the meeting explained that he does not know the donor is a foreign nationality.

"His name is a Japanese name, so I thought he was Japanese," Naoto Kan said. "Is currently verifying the timing and amount of contributions and other details. Once confirmed, he is a foreign nationality, the funds will be refunded in full."

But for the opposition's Naoto Kan resigned to the requirements of Naoto Kan refused, saying "the future will also work to make every effort, and hope to get everyone's understanding." Japan's "Political Funds Control Fa" No politician to accept political contributions from foreigners.

However, political analysts say, due to recent foreign minister Maehara is because the political contributions of foreigners to accept the resignation, and therefore bound to respect the opposition parties will be held strictly the responsibility of Naoto Kan, the future direction of this variable is still . However, to be sure that their political donations scandal will further undermine the already precarious Kan power, there are likely to bill the government for the adoption of the budget related to complicate efforts.

In addition, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Ueno branch in the morning's press conference stressed: "before the decision was originally judged according to their own resignation. The Prime Minister did not consider resigning."

It is reported, this Kan contributions to the Korean men in May 1989 to June 2008 served as Taiwanese financial institutions in Japan and South Korea, the central part-time director of Commercial Bank Credit Union.

Naoto Kan of the political funds report shows revenue and expenditure, who had in September 2006, March 2009, August 2009, and Naoto Kan, 2010 to provide political contributions.

The South Korean men with this acquaintance process, Naoto Kan, said at the meeting explained: "first friends know, I did not know he was not born in Japan."

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