The latest progress of China's two mysterious fighters J-13 and J-14

Germany's "Asian Aviation" article published of Heydrich Coulter. disclosed China expect to develope the two mysterious fighters. J 13 and 14. The following is some excerpts:

German media leaked the secret mystery of China's two J-13 and J-14 fighter, the latest developments.

Heydrich Coulter: China's fighter planes, only the introduction of the SU27 series from Russia, as well as the development of its own: the J-10 belong to the 3rd generation fighter aircraft. However, you can say that China is not these two fighters, the future of China as the main fighters.

Original design for the J-13 MIG-23M. In the years between 1965-1977, continued the evolution of design. 1978 stop. In 1996, the Great Wall of China launched 95 new projects. The main design for the new J-13, and the latest J-14 design starts.

However, China was a peaceful voice. Broke out in the Taiwan Strait crisis, China approved the emergency purchase of Russian fighter 2, therefore, resulting in 13,14. Very slow rate of progress of the project. The Israelis involved in the J-10 program, it is in accordance with the normal speed gradually.

Senior Chinese at that time that you can rely on J-10 and SU27 and the imitation of the modern fleet consisting of J-11, enough to defeat the Taiwan Strait, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan Air Force. Then the United States Air Force Base, Henry Childs Global China, the first test flight of the F22 stealth fighter, later, JZF also take off.

Followed by a perfidious Israelis. As they forced the Washington pressure. Therefore, not only to the 01 F-10 fighter jets of two Israeli part of the model, all handed over to Washington, but will also own the Chengdu, China is participating in the remote Eagle unmanned attack aircraft program, also submitted to the U.S. Navy intelligence Department of Central Intelligence, according to the Pentagon.

In the Chinese view, the column filled with their own fighters, absolutely impossible to detailed information on the case to outsiders, to a large number of the production. Therefore, China between 1997 -1998, started to develop the new J-10, No. 1 machine, the plans of J 13 and 14 were started.

J-13 is currently under "Jane Air Force Almanac" analysis, and from China to buy French company's DNC121 Leisefaer airborne radar remote point of view, J-13 is present, the F22 is similar to the same level with the United States, the supersonic cruise stealth fighter, and his new radar that: DNC 135 km in the airspace, that section of less than 01 (M2) of the target.

And the viewing distance, coinciding with the Chinese equipment R33C remote from the air to air missiles in the line and. The current U.S. F22A equipment is APQ/84N. Radar detection range than the French minimum of 5 km. This is also the Bush administration degree in 06-10 year military report said the military must be given an additional 12 billion U.S. Air Force, the performance of the improved APQ/84N why.

The J-13 appearance, unlike his brother, J-14. He is a nearly integrated, Russia, Europe. The chaotic strange design. After the slightly variable wing, to attach the front under the front canard. Double vertical tail layout, vector 2 yuan vents, but the wing itself is semi-fusion type. Can say that he is the fourth generation fighter, the unique one. On the surface, it seems more like the U.S. F23.

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