Japanese Self Defense Force fear of nuclear radiation to give up sprinklers, attacked by Japanese media

March 11 large earthquake critical situation Fukushima nuclear power plant, local residents about the mere mention of nuclear radiation. In order to continue to heat up the nuclear reactor cooling, the Government of Japan Self-Defense Forces 15 helicopters assigned to the nuclear power plants over the sprinkler, the plan has been rejected self-defense, because "SDF personnel may be subject to nuclear radiation." Japanese media said this comment, chilling performance of the SDF.

Japanese news network reported on March 16, Japan earthquake death toll will exceed 2 million, perhaps 3 million people. For this island, it is an unprecedented historical disaster. Japan's problem today is not how big relief, how to deal with dead bodies, but not how to control the nuclear power plant exploded.

Naoto Kan, Japanese Prime Minister in the Prime Minister's official residence the afternoon of 15 Self-Defense Forces helicopters to command over nuclear power plant watering to prevent the time of the temperature rise in nuclear reactors. However, the SDF had the effrontery to "SDF personnel may be subject to nuclear radiation" as the main reason for not deployed. Moreover, the SDF will be 180 "Central special weapons protection team" players leave nuclear power plant, leaving behind a group of Tokyo Electric Power Company's nuclear experts at the nuclear power plant in struggling.

The Japanese government's disaster relief headquarters from the 15th to dispatch Self-Defense Forces transport helicopters required the implementation of sprinkler operation of nuclear power to reduce the repeated outbreaks of the third reactor in the temperature, increase the cooling water to prevent the nuclear reactor explosion, however, the SDF has been held negative attitude. 16 afternoon, was preparing to implement their watering. However, before implementation, to send reconnaissance aircraft to detect nuclear radiation levels are still high, so decided to cancel the sprinkler plans.

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