Japan refused the U.S.'s help to lead nuclear explosion: military secrets behind it

Japanese nuclear power plant explosion vent radiation, the disaster may have had the opportunity to avoid. Because when the Japanese nuclear power plant cooling system failure announcement, the U.S. Air Force has agreed to send the urgent delivery of coolant to help, but the Japanese claim that they could handle, declined to U.S. assistance, the final explosion.

Naoto Kan, the government is challenged to determine the error. But media analysts, is hidden behind a military nuclear secrets. Japan has a soft spot for the development of nuclear weapons, the nuclear industry, after all, mature technology, some critics said the Japanese-made nuclear weapons can be said for every minute thing.

March 14, Fukushima, Japan, Tokyo Electric Power Company First Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 at 11 am local time after the hydrogen explosion occurred. NHK television footage showed the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima before the explosion (the next) and after (on) comparison chart of the reactor where the building was bombed, leaving only a "skeleton. " According to Agence France-Presse reported that the Japanese government said 15 morning, Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant reactor vessels first appeared some damage. This shows that could lead to more serious nuclear leakage.

The U.S. military refused to intervene in Japan's nuclear power plants work, it is very suspicious.

The day before yesterday after a major earthquake in Japan, the night Barack Obama made Naoto Kan, has been passed at Fukushima nuclear power plant cooling system failure, and he promised on the phone with all necessary assistance, stressing that "the earthquake would make the plant very vulnerable", but Kan direct evidence of human, said no radiation leak.

Since that "to take preventive measures," Obama asked Energy Secretary Steven Chu to maintain contact with Japan, stands ready to provide support and arrange for emergency transportation of coolant to the Japanese nuclear power plant. But the Japanese declined direct involvement of U.S. military personnel.

Hillary then U.S. Secretary of State attended the meeting in Washington, said the U.S. military has sent urgent delivery of coolant to the air force nuclear power plants.

Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 in the first 11:01 local time (GMT 10:01) hydrogen explosion occurred, the reactor where the building was damaged, but place the reactor vessel damage is unlikely. Tokyo Electric Power Company subsequently announced that the explosion occurred, near the 7 missing.

Local time 11:01, 3 units sound of an explosion, heavy smoke rising above the reactor where the building was bombed, leaving only a "skeleton." Nuclear Safety and Security Institute called the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima within a 20 km radius around the 600 residents of the house quickly to the refuge.


However, an anonymous U.S. officials later said the request for U.S. support of Japan did the coolant, "but concluded that the Japanese authorities can handle their own event", without U.S. help, so the U.S. military did not transported to the nuclear power plant coolant.

Results from yesterday morning, the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima yet to cool the reactor, there are signs of leakage radiation, even in the afternoon explosion.

Naoto Kan, before the earthquake popularity fell to 17.8%, if proven to be taken lightly or nuclear power plant exploded and hide the crisis, the government must also lose the trust of the people.

In fact, although high-level government and all nuclear power plants have pledged that nuclear power is safe, but the first nuclear power plant belongs to the Tokyo Electric Power Company had a lot of past scandals, including the cover up accidents.

Fukushima nuclear power plant have repeatedly occurred the first accident occurred near 1978, leakage of nuclear radiation, but only made public to conceal to 2007, the factory in 2006 have occurred in Unit 6 of leakage of radioactive material.

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