Japan nuclear leak crisis is expanding, the number of people affected by radiation maybe increase

Japan's 13 nuclear leakage crisis came the news of further expansion. Nuclear Safety Institute of Japan 13 security, said the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima are facing new problems, the third reactor of the plant emergency cooling system failure, possible explosion, an urgent need to take cooling measures.

Agence France-Presse quoted a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power Company news, confirmed the report.

According to Reuters, 12 leaks of radioactive material occurred, and hydrogen explosion of the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima at least 9 people may make up to 160 people subjected to nuclear radiation, but Japan still needs further confirmation by the relevant bodies the exact number of radiation.

Earlier, the station's first reactor hydrogen explosion occurred. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio wild evening of 12 branches held a press conference, described the explosion as a "factory wall collapsed", "not a nuclear reactor containment internal explosion."

According to foreign reports, the International Atomic Energy Agency 12, said Japan has moved around living in the Fukushima nuclear power plant 14 million people.

Affected by the earthquake 11, Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture's first nuclear plant leaks radioactive material, followed by Unit 1 plant in 12 hydrogen explosion occurred in the afternoon. Fukushima nuclear power plant from the vicinity of the first transfer out of the hospital Futaba-cho 3 people 90 people have been identified nuclear radiation, but no physical abnormalities.

Japanese police have the Fukushima nuclear power plant evacuation of nearby residents to expand the radius to 20 km. Earlier, the Japanese government had ordered the evacuation of two nuclear power plants in Fukushima within 3 km radius of the people, and later will be extended to 10 km radius.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan told a press conference 12 May, the government "will make every effort to prevent any damage to the health of residents."

It was reported that nuclear power plants in the region is still well beyond the normal radiation dose. Japan Atomic Energy security in Japan the day hospital security classification in accordance with international nuclear accident evaluation form to the accident as "associated with local influence," the four (maximum 7).

Fukushima nuclear power plant accused of extended service

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio wild evening of 12 branches, said the explosion may be due to leakage of the reactor core to the steam generated by the container, the water vapor and fuel cladding reaction of hydrogen and oxygen within the building react violently, but 1 placement of the reactor vessel unit does not itself damaged in the explosion.

The media refers to the leak Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has been extended service. Reported that on February 7 this year, Tokyo Electric Power Company completed the first nuclear power plant for the Unit 1 of Fukushima's analysis, the report said unit has been in service for 40 years, there has been a series of signs of aging, including the nuclear reactor pressure vessels in the temper embrittlement, pressure suppression chamber corrosion, heat exchange area of ​​waste gas treatment system of corrosion and its development of long-term conservative running program.

Fukushima nuclear power plant using the old single-cycle boiling water reactor, cooling water directly into the sea, only one cooling circuit. Boiling water steam generated is used to directly drive a turbine, in the event of failure, the steam inside to with radioactive substances. Professionals stress that this earthquake-prone areas of Japan, the use of such a structure is very unreasonable. Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 1 has reached 40 years of life, 20-year life extension off than originally planned, the official retirement needs by 2031.

Tokyo intends to push the limit of power shortage power cuts

55 due to the current commercial nuclear power plant in Japan, there are 11 emergency shut down production. Affected by the earthquake, the Japanese domestic electricity supply was reduced by 20% or more. According to reports, 12, more than 500 million households in Japan interruption of electricity supply.

In response to the situation of power shortage, Tokyo Electric Power company plans to start from next Monday to implement power rationing measures. According to Japan's Kyodo News agency reported, Tokyo Electric Power may be off their jurisdictions to implement district, the regional power will rotate every 3 hours.

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can the radioactive water turn into ice-cube and then move it safe area instead of output it into ocean ???