Japan earthquake: the tsunami is far difficult than earthquake itself

The magnitude earthquake 8.9 raided northeastern Japan before, many earthquake prediction research experts have claimed, southern Japan, in particular, southwest of Tokyo, will face an "earthquake." This "poles apart" situation that human problems of earthquake prediction is still a long way to go.

"Washington Post" reported that Japanese experts had predicted in great detail the "Tokyo earthquake" after the tragic scenes, such as the number of property damage and the number of landslides occurred. The Government of Japan to guard against this idea of ​​"Tokyo earthquake" has done a lot of the necessary preparations, did not expect a "most powerful earthquake ever" broke out in the northeast of Tokyo.

Up to now, Japan's "311" earthquake has killed at least 1,000 people were killed. Japanese media said the majority of these victims died in the tsunami. In addition, although the earthquake and tsunami is not the hardest hit by the heart of the Japanese economy, but still out of the economic recession in Japan will have serious implications. Japan's work to reduce the deficit and debt will be more difficult.

The earthquake epicenter was located at sea, because of shallow source, so powerful, and had created a huge wave over 10 meters the tsunami, in just a few minutes to sweep the island of Honshu, central Japan, near the Pacific coast side of the majority of area. Turbid was raging a few kilometers into the interior slowly stopped and caused to residents along the coast to the ocean a very serious losses.

After the tsunami, the Japanese rescue helicopters in the air monitoring of the disaster, and photographed a shocking "Super whirlpool." From the frequency point of view, a whirlpool suction is underwater ship, crew dead or alive. Relevant data show that vortex flow is occurring with the shore or seabed fierce "battle" after the formation of natural phenomena, what is terrible is not "terrorist signal."

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