Japan earthquake chaos spread, over 6,000 people dead and missing

Sendai area before and after the tsunami earthquake map

According to Japan's Kyodo News agency reported, Miyagi Prefecture and 14 dead bodies found in 2000, bringing the catastrophic magnitude 9 earthquake has caused more than 6,000 dead and missing people.

Japan National Police Agency said 14 days, as of 16:00 local time, has confirmed that 11 occurred in Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami has caused 1833 deaths and 2369 missing.
Earlier in the 14 bodies discovered in 2000, about 1000 in the South Sanriku-cho (Minamisanriku) found. In addition, the South Sanriku-cho, there are still 10,000 people lost contact, accounting for about half of the total number of the county.

In Miyagi Prefecture, as of Monday (14) noon, has been found 785 bodies. The big hammer in the Iwate Prefecture town (Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture) there are 8000 people dead or alive.

As 13, over 45 million residents and other affected areas from the withdrawal of Miyagi, but water, food and fuel shortages continue to haunt the refuge area. The Government has taken delivery by air supply materials.

Affected by the earthquake, the Tokyo Stock Exchange index hit its lowest level since April 4.
Tokyo and surrounding areas a number of manufacturers and retailers to temporarily suspend production, the Toyota plant will be closed to 16, may lead to decline in output of about 40,000. Japanese department store Mitsukoshi Isetan (Isetan Mitsukoshi) has closed its seven stores around Tokyo.

Up to now, the rescue work is being actively pursued.
14 Bank of Japan announced its purchase of assets of the Fund increased to 40 trillion yen, in order to reduce the impact of earthquakes on the economic recovery.
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan (Naoto Kan), said emergency workers had bailed out 15,000 survivors.
In Japan, among those who live outside the box, South Korean Foreign Ministry has confirmed that the first Koreans have been killed. Hong Kong is currently in Ishinomaki (Shinomaki) and Miyagi Prefecture in China there are 100 people still unable to get in touch.
14 morning, the first nuclear power plant No. 3 reactor in Fukushima hydrogen explosion occurred, 11 people were injured, but did not damage containment, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Ueno branch (Yukio Edano) said the possibility of large-scale radiation leak is relatively small. Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency transferred the nuclear power plant within 20 km radius of 500 residents. In addition, the No. 2 nuclear power reactor cooling system has stopped working, the Government is taking the way into the water to cool.

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