Japan earthquake caused the tsunami victims and missing persons have more than one million people

   8.8 earthquake struck Japan, as at 12 midnight, police have confirmed that 687 people were killed in the earthquake. And 13 am, the sea near the east coast of Japan, 6.0 earthquake from happening again.

    Aftershocks huge loss

    12 to 13 am, Japanese media reported the rising number of confirmed victims. Kyodo News agency is expected to present the missing and dead because of the earthquake may exceed 1,800 people. Meanwhile, a port town on Japan's Miyagi Prefecture have a million people reported missing.

    According to reports, 12 day, Iwate Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and the sea near the Kanto region occurred in at least dozens of different levels of aftershocks. That night, northeastern Japan, there is a greater level of continuous aftershocks. Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning that day to continue to call residents in a timely manner related to asylum.

    Kyodo News reports that 12, about 5.57 million residents without power, 18 more than 10,000 households in the county water supply interruption. Living facilities in quake-hit reconstruction of at least 10-2 days time.

    Hit by the tsunami of the airport runway, Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Airport 12 times a total of 676 domestic and international flights were canceled, Iwate Prefecture Ibaraki, Ibaraki Prefecture Hanamaki Airport and the airport can not be used because of damaged facilities. Tohoku Shinkansen, Yamagata and Akita Shinkansen lines and other access to the hardest hit north-east continued outage Shinkansen. Japan has nine state highway is still closed.

    The earthquake and tsunami on the economy have begun to appear, the report said, Toyota, Nissan and Honda Motor Co. announced that its domestic factories from production.

    Government relief efforts of the international community "to force"

    According to Japanese media, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, 12, a helicopter inspection of some of the hardest hit. He then held an emergency meeting of disaster countermeasures headquarters, announced the number of SDF personnel to participate in the rescue of people from the 8000 to 5 million people.

    11, after the earthquake, the Japanese Defense Ministry decided to send about 300 aircraft and 40 warships to waters near the earthquake disaster and disaster relief. Ministry of Internal Affairs Fire Department to the hard-hit Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima, etc. 6 County sent 1,093 emergency fire assistance team.

    Ye Tian Jiayan Japanese Finance Minister said that relief operations would not be constrained due to financial problems, the Government will be the first to use the 2010 fiscal year of more than 2,000 billion yen (2.4 billion) preliminary expenses, then depending on the disaster to determine supplementary budget as soon as possible specific amount.

    Naoto Kan told a news conference the same day, said: "Today and tomorrow, two days is the most critical relief time, we must not abandon any efforts to rescue more than one person."

    12, Japanese Foreign Ministry announced that 50 countries and regions have been prepared to send rescue teams to disaster areas in Japan.

    The request of the Government of Japan, the Chinese Government Chinese international rescue team sent to Japan to earthquake and tsunami hit areas of humanitarian relief. Chinese international rescue team from the China Seismological Bureau, Yin Guanghui, deputy director of emergency rescue led a total of 15 experienced rescue personnel, will be 13 am, by charter flights from the Capital Airport to fly to Japan.

    According to reports, South Korean rescue team line 5 and two search dogs arrived in Tokyo on the 12th at Haneda Airport, is the first foreign rescue team arrived in Japan. Australia, New Zealand and other countries of the rescue team will arrive.

    The United States has decided to send 150 Japanese experts and rescue teams. Obama ordered another 11, bound for a U.S. aircraft carrier at full speed the Sea of ​​Japan to help disaster relief. In addition, the British team of fire ambulance, medical rescue personnel consisting of 63 rescue team flew to Japan, 12, left for the disaster areas. Mexico sent 20 to the Japanese professional rescue personnel and three structures of experts.

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