China will build two aircraft carriers, J -19 carrier-based fighter is in research

Although the two carriers will have China's Hainan Airlines will continue in the coming decade will focus on land-based bombers (equipment anti-ship missiles) and patrol aircraft.

China's bomber as a double major of JH-7A fighter-bombers, it weighs 28 tons, a wingspan of 12.9 meters. Hundreds of People's Liberation Army Navy fighter aircraft of the model; despite lack of motivation, but it can carry 9 tons of bombs, missiles or additional fuel. Now, JH-7A made through the application of guided bombs and ground missiles, with more purpose. The type of fighter combat radius of about 900 km; it can carry four YJ-82 anti-ship missiles, each costing the missile weight 715 kg, warhead weight 165 kilograms. The missile has a range of about 120 km, with the radar and target.

It is reported that China is trying to reproduce 150 engines equipped with thrust more and more advanced electronic equipment JH-7A. Now that China has developed the engine needed to prove that it was implementing the plan. Meanwhile, before the appearance of a real aircraft carrier, the Chinese will be used by land-based fighter aircraft conversion (add tail hook, and stronger landing equipment). Been called F -19 (J-19) of the carrier fighter-bombers are being designed.

At present, China is building two aircraft carriers, they are "Shi Lang" number and types of aircraft unknown; one of them to carry out sea trials next year, China's main battle is clearly carrier-based aircraft is the naval version of F -11. Reported that China obtained from the Ukraine a Soviet -33 prototype, and is designed to get more technology for its own naval fighter F-11BH (-15 F before). In the "Shi Lang" was before the sea trials, the aircraft has yet to be developed. Shipborne trainer or use 9.8 tons of FT -9 (JL-9), or more likely to use 9.5 tons of FT -15 (JL-15).

Meanwhile, China has been preparing for a helicopter carrier, including Russia's card -28 anti-submarine helicopters, early warning helicopters and Mi-card -31 -8 transport helicopters. China in the design of equal or exceed the Russian-made helicopters, there are still problems, so Russia will continue to produce helicopters in the next decade military service in China.

"Shi Lang" was the most that can carry 50 fighters and 18 helicopters. However, China has just started not so much the use of aircraft carrier fighter; Russia has never been in this type of aircraft carrier full of fighters. In addition, the early years of China's aircraft carrier generally only used for training, and occasionally visit the port or other countries, "the military showing off" for this purpose may need an aircraft carrier with eight aircraft and helicopters 9-10 ( six anti-submarine aircraft, three helicopters and a search for early warning helicopters.)

J-11BH R & D came out, it will take several years to train pilots and deck officers in command of this command, even larger aircraft. Therefore, after 2020 China may be completely ready to run an aircraft carrier; it is equipped with F-11BH, J-10AH, and anti-submarine helicopters, early warning helicopters and search and rescue helicopters.

Three years ago, China announced its first aircraft carrier pilots began training at the Dalian Naval Academy. Air Force pilots will learn the four-year courses to enable them to master the aircraft carrier takeoff and landing aircraft. At present, China has built a similar inland carrier deck training ground. The Russian side believes that China will take a decade or more time to master the efficient operation of aircraft carriers of knowledge and technology; China is groping and move forward.

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