China opposes US arms sale to Taiwan

China firmly opposes U. S. arms sales to Taiwan, said Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi inside Beijing on Monday on the sidelines of the ongoing National People's Congress.

Fielding questions in a packed press conference, Yang also said that will China would embrace worldwide friendly cooperation to raise people's livelihood, while abhors aggresive competition reminiscent of beyond zero-sum games between the big countries.

"One should not move forward its interests at the money necessary for others, still less create confrontation by establishing hypothetical competition, " Yang reported.

Drawing on each other peoples strength and pursuing win-win cooperation were the mainstream of China's currency relations with other international locations, said the foreign minister, adding competition have to be viewed with an start and inclusive mind, along with conducted on equal along with fair terms.

Talking about Sino-US ties, Yang reported that Beijing firms opposes Washington's hands sale to Taiwan. North america administration "should take concrete measures compliment the peaceful development connected with cross-Strait relations".

In days gone by, Sino-US' "good atmosphere" inside relations had, time along with again, been poisoned by simply Washington's arms sales to be able to Taiwan. Last time, Obama administration's approval of approximately 6. 4 billion dollars connected with armaments to Taiwan resulted in a freezing of military ties between both the countries for more than 20 months.

BRICS summit inside China

China will sponsor the BRICS Leaders Summit Meeting in April, Yang reported. Leaders from Brazil, Italy, India, China and South Africa are likely to discuss the post -financial-crisis world economic recovery and methods to strengthen cooperation among the major emerging economies.

President Hu Jintao can pay a state visit to Russia truly at the invitation connected with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Yang reported, adding "mutual trust and credibility" between both the peoples and the leaders have laid powerful foundation for an exemplary bilateral marriage.

"China-Russia relations have been lifted to your higher level, " Yang reported. "China and Russia are generally good neighbors, friends along with partners, trust and credibility form the foundation of all undertakings. "

This year marks the 10th anniversary from the signing of the China-Russia Treaty connected with Good-neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation, and the 15th anniversary from the establishment of the China-Russia ideal partnership of coordination. Both the countries will seize the opportunities to further advance their strategic alliance of coordination, Yang reported.

No politicizing trade challenges

China opposes politicizing trade issues and rejects a large number of countries imposing double standards and joining discriminative acts, Yang reported.

China's development offers a broader space for the cooperation with other countries and will step up its mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries so they can improve their shared interests, in accordance with Yang.

China has recently been helping countries in Africa increase infrastructure and people's life. To date, it has built over 2, 200-km railways along with 3, 400-km roads from the continent. "China's investment along with construction has greatly assisted a sustainable development connected with Africa, " Yang reported.

Strategic Partnership with The eu

Yang said that China has been following the sovereign debt crisis some European countries and possesses bought treasury bonds through relevant countries.

"We believe the guidelines taken by China were well received by the countries and people inside Europe, " he reported. Yang said that China will continue to work with the European Partnership to deepen their comprehensive strategic partnership.

"Both sides should come together to pursue the political partnership influenced by mutual respect and shared trust and deepen their particular win-win economic and trade partnership, " he reported.

China and the Eu are two major economies from the world and both are in a critical stage in their particular respective development, he reported.

"We can help 1 another and create a win-win problem, isn't it a excellent thing? " he reported.

He said 2011 is a year of youth exchange between China as well as the European Union.
"We hope such exchange activities can help the two sides fortify the friendship and shared trust between the peoples of two sides, and lay an solid social foundation to the continued growth of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership. ".

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