China maybe build two aircraft carriers priced $ 2,000,000,000

China is expected to announce on Friday a new year's defense budget, which the outside world to understand China's military wants to build the scale of China's military expansion has led to nervousness among other countries. China's ambitious military modernization and the growing defense spending to the region and Washington has sounded the alarm.

Chinese aircraft carrier

The construction of one "Kuznetsov"class aircraft carrier is about 20 billion U.S. dollars, China maybe make two ones

China said that it will need to upgrade outdated weapons and equipment, but not to threaten other countries; also pointed out that China's defense budget much smaller than the United States.

For China's national defense capabilities, military modernization and weapons systems, following aspects are noteworthy:

January, China completed its first flight stealth fighter J -20. J -20 flight in the United States Defense Secretary Robert – Gates (Robert Gates) carried out during his visit, Gates's visit was intended to reduce military tensions between China and the U.S..

Some analysts believe that the J -20 fighter obvious that China is a "far more than expected" rate of R & D with Lockheed Martin the company's F-22 "Raptor" fighter aircraft to contend; F- 22 is the world's only stealth fighter in service. However, the J–20 a few years away from service; and prior to the visit, Gates also said that the stealthy of J -20 is still a problem.

With the development of China's aviation industry, aviation design capabilities are surprisingly improved. Active in China for Russia's most advanced fighter aircraft and Su Su -30 -27 fighters, the two are considered the biggest threat to the United States.

China's military modernization also includes aerial refueling and early warning aircraft.

China adopted the strategy of giving priority to the development of the Navy. China's guided missile destroyers and frigates are being upgraded to increase its navigation capabilities and attack capabilities. It is reported that China may in the first aircraft carrier built this year than analysts expected the U.S. military 1 year earlier.

Construction of a displacement of 60,000 tons of medium-sized conventionally powered aircraft carrier (similar to Russia's "Kuznetsov" class aircraft carrier) about 20 billion U.S. dollars, China may need at least two. In addition, China also is building a new type of "Jin" class ballistic missile strategic nuclear submarines, and class submarines built for the naval base.

The United States has taken note of recent developments in the process of China's military power, including wind-21D anti-ship ballistic missile program, the kinds of missiles can be used to attack U.S. aircraft carrier in the Pacific. In 2007, China successfully conducted a ballistic missile hit the satellite test, showed that the Chinese military have entered a new stage. And last January, China has successfully tested the missile in flight for the destruction of the new technology.

It is estimated that China currently has 1,400 missiles "pointed at Taiwan." China also has some control by the Second Artillery 100-400 nuclear weapons and ensure that no first use of nuclear weapons. Deterrent weapons, including intercontinental ballistic missiles, roadbed and sea-based missile. In addition, China is trying to streamline the current Army forces to meet the high-tech combat conditions of armed conflict.

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