Ban Ki-moon called for the immediate implementation of Security Council resolution of the situation in Libya

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the 17th Security Council resolution on the situation in Libya, said in a statement after the Council made ​​a "historic decision"and hopes the resolution can be implemented immediately.

 Ban Ki-moon said in a statement, the Security Council resolution No. 1973, unmistakably shows that the international community's resolve to fulfill its responsibility to protect civilians from government on their implementation of the acts of violence.

 Ban Ki-moon said: "Given the current emergency situation in Libya, I hope the resolution is implemented without delay. I will fulfill the responsibility entrusted to me by the resolution, Member States and regional organizations with close cooperation in a common, effective and timely response. "

 Ban Ki-moon said the resolution included the establishment of no-fly zone, including the authority to take all necessary measures to prevent more innocent casualties. The Council adopted the resolution that the Arab League calls for action given adequate attention.

 Ban Ki-moon called on the Libyan parties to the conflict once again an immediate ceasefire to stop attacks on civilians and ensure humanitarian access to areas in need. He said the United Nations will continue this diplomatic efforts, he will also visit the region at a critical moment.

 17 United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution to establish no-fly zone in Libya, and calls on States to take all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian areas of Libya from the threat of armed attack.

UN Security Council adopted resolution no-fly zone set up in Libya

March 17, at United Nations Headquarters in New York, on behalf of some members of the Council voted by show of hands. Day, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to establish no-fly zone in Libya.