Arab countries have decided to urge Security Council to establish no-fly zone in Libya

League of Arab States (LAS) 12 Foreign Ministers held in Cairo an emergency meeting decided to urge the UN Security Council to take action to establish no-fly zone in Libya.

The statement said the meeting, Arab League urged the Council to perform their duties to set no-fly zone to stop the military bombing of innocent civilians, to provide a safe area for the Libyan people.

The statement also said that foreign ministers agreed to the establishment of the Libyan opposition in Benghazi, "National Transition Council" to establish liaison channels, to provide humanitarian assistance to Libya.

The emergency meeting of Arab League foreign ministers to discuss the latest situation in Libya, the Libyan people and the protection measures to be taken, and to the Libyan Arab countries reached the same position. But the participating countries to establish no-fly zone on whether there are still differences between foreign ministers of Syria and Algeria at the meeting said they did not support the establishment of no-fly zone.

Before the meeting, the Gulf countries as the representative of the party advocated the establishment of no-fly zone, and Algeria, Syria, Sudan and Yemen, are opposed.

Libya did not attend the emergency meeting. Arab League in Cairo last month, 22 emergency meeting on the situation in Libya, Libya decided to suspend the Arab League and all its subsidiary bodies to participate in the qualification session, until the demands of its own people to respond.

According to another report, the 27 EU leaders held 11 special summit in Brussels, Belgium to discuss the situation in Libya, but did not set up in Libya to reach agreement regarding the no-fly zone. Within the EU on the issue of military intervention in Libya, not small differences. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said the EU should play the role of supporting democracy and development through dialogue. Lithuanian President Grybauskaite said the EU should not discuss military operations, not the UN Security Council, most countries do not support.

Hungary holds the rotating EU presidency, foreign long-haired Ertuo Ni 12, said in a statement, and only under strict conditions in order to be taken against Libya, including the establishment of any military action, including no-fly zone, including: a clear need; a clear legal basis This means to have the UN Security Council resolutions; have the support of Arab countries in the region.

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