Communication Courses Feb-Jun (*SDF Funded)

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Communication Courses Feb-Jun (*SDF Funded)

Efficient Minutes Writing 23 Feb / 17 Mar (*$288)Merle Celine Magness - Director and Trainer

Writing Professional Letters & Email 24-25 Feb / 15-16 Mar (*$488)

Perfecting Your Business English 8-10 Mar $788 (Early bird discount $710 for payment by 21 Feb)

Achieving Higher Performance Customer Service (Using Emotional  Intelligence) 21-22 Mar (*$528)K Rajamanikam (Raja) - Consultant and Trainer

Speaking English with Correct Pronunciation  7-8 Apr $488 (Early bird discount $440 for payment by 24 Mar)

Communicating Effectively Using Emotional Intelligence 19-20 Apr (*$528)

Perfecting Your Grammar 9-11 May (Early Bird Discount $710 for payment by 18 April)

Writing Brilliant Reports, Proposals & Staff Papers 1-2 Jun(*$488)

Becoming a Powerful Presenter 7-9 Jun (*$788)

For other course dates in 2011, please refer to our calendar.

For full course, SDF funding and registration details, please refer to our website at http://www.trilifecom.com.

We look forward to welcoming you to our courses.

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