China is developing PL-21 ultra-long-range AAM

In recent years, the Chinese Air Force fighter appeared frequently lead to a new global media hot, "but it must be noted that the aircraft is used to carry weapons platform, there is no sophisticated weapons, no matter how powerful the aircraft is only ‘a toothless dragon’. " Jane’s Defense Weekly recently published an article saying that, well versed in the management of China is trying to create a wide variety of airborne weapons, from the improved air to air missiles, air-ground missiles against multiple targets to precision-guided bombs without are not included.

Chinese PL-21 AAM

BLOS Air to Air Missile PL -12  PLA equipped

"Combat King" performance than expected
The article said that the weapons in the air combat, air to air missiles over the horizon is the absolute king. At present, China’s main export products for personal use, and -10 series of lightning, from Luoyang Optoelectronic Technology Development Center (612) development, but also developed the first radar-guided air to air missile. In fact, this missile is -10 F, the F-11B fighter aircraft supporting the open, early in the last century, that is -10 F and J-11B is still in construction stage, the Chinese Air Force to develop designated 612 made for their super- visual range air to air missile to replace the performance and delivery are not reliable Russian-made R-77 missiles.
Lightning -10 pictures of missiles had already appeared in 2001, but its specific performance parameters and more by the China Aerospace Technology Import and Export Fair in overseas posting. Lightning -10 outside often developed with the U.S. Raytheon AIM-120 "AMRAAM" par, said the two look exactly like, guidance system are basically the same, but the Lightning -10 longer and heavier than the AIM-power performance 120 slightly better. The missile has a maximum range of nearly 70 kilometers from the solid fuel rocket.
Lightning -10 with active radar guidance, flight use of inertial navigation, the flight carrying the last paragraph of the radar locked on their own goals. Last November, 612 experts to the air show in Zhuhai "Jane’s" reporter revealed that the missiles have "dual mode" to find the function – both active homing, passive homing can be. If this news is true, means that the performance of lightning -10 more advanced than previously estimated. Currently, family consists of two models of lightning -10 – -10 lightning and lightning-10A, the latter than the former 10 cm long, weight 19 kg, said to range has improved, but the most important improvement is to improve the reliability, and further reduce manufacturing costs.
China’s ambitions not limited to lightning -10 missile, in Zhuhai Air Show last year, posted the news that China has created at least 3 new extended-range air to air missiles, in chronological order are Perak -12 (setting time was 2006 to 2008) Pili-12C (setting time from 2006 to 2010), break-12D (setting time is 2010). In addition, known as ultra-long-range thunderbolt -21 AAM is still in development, setting time is expected in 2012.
Dragged down short-range missile engine R & D
Compared with the long-range air to air missiles, the Chinese short-range air to air missile development speed becomes slow. Currently, many Chinese fighter using the level of the last century 80′s products, not comparable with similar weapons in Europe and America. As compensation, China is still importing large quantities of Russian-made R-73 missile, the missile although some old, but still higher than other Chinese-made air column filled with an effective short-range missiles.
According to public records of publications, 20th century, 80 years, China introduced the Hydra -3 from the Israeli missiles and develop China-made thunder by copying -8 missile, which has more thrust, the rocket engine burns longer, look the device more sensitive. Photo shows the F -10 and F-11B aircraft will be mounted combat patrol when the missile. China is also the Perak -8 based on the development of the upgraded version of the Thunderbolt -9 missiles, regarded as the most advanced short range air to air missile was on active duty.
Is worth noting that, "Jane’s" China also reported the disclosure of future short-range air to air missiles of several, including a code of infrared-guided missiles Perak -10 caused widespread concern in Europe and America. It was considered that the reference to the missile early in China, South Africa is the thunder-ASR technology research and development follow-up models of the missile, said to complete the period of 2011. Analysis of the Russian scholars, the slow development of China’s short-range air to air missile of the important reasons is the lack of small engine production technology, coupled with the main unit of 612 energy is limited, in the development of BVR air to air missiles over-stretched the front.
UAVs will be equipped with precision-made bombs
Airborne weapons, the difficulty of making air-ground ammunition is the largest air because the ground is much more complex than the interfering factors. According to "Jane’s" report, nearly 10 years, China has launched a series of radar-guided bomb (GPS plus inertial guidance previously, now is the combined guidance radar and GPS), and improve performance, while a positive development for standoff weapons, Some models have emerged in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force fighters, bombers, and Army aviation in the unmanned aerial vehicles, armed helicopters.
China Aerospace Science and Technology is developing the "FT" series of precision-guided bombs, including 500 kg of FT -1 and 250 kg of FT -3. If you install extended range devices, the FT and FT -1 -3 -2 bombs can be upgraded to soar and soar -6, with a range of 90 kilometers and can hit the enemy headquarters, factories, ports, communications centers and ground troops. The same company is also developing small-diameter bombs soar -5, the bomb lies between 55-75 kg, the use of semi-active radar seeker, the carrier aircraft or ground forces, precision guided the terminal is mainly used to destroy hiding in the population agglomerations goals. It is said that the PLA plans to carry a bomb on UAVs in domestic rainbow -3.
In addition, China is still on display at last year’s Zhuhai Air Show, the Ray Stone -6 another small-diameter bomb, which includes 50 kg and 100 kg models.

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