Recently, a large number of U.S. media speculation China J -20 fighters, "aircraft carrier killer" and other killers, which makes Sino-US relations in the good atmosphere since this new year hit the wall of suspicion strategy.

Beware of China-US strategic mutual caused numerous wall, with two of the elite or the wall between the two countries, or clever in the wall between the wall and find the pathway. More optimistic about Chinese society in the future playing dice, and the U.S. some people are always encouraged to do "for the worst."

United States developed new weapons to China rumors "very worried" not only normal to normal. About all the big countries want their military superiority is eternal and absolute, but turn that hope into a pursuit should not matter on the planet. The rapid development of China is a big country in the western Pacific to China military superiority may gradually shrink, this is not to be surprised.

In the long run, both fifth-generation fighter, or the so-called anti-aircraft weapons, the Chinese armed forces should not be a luxury. Even if not, there will be future of the Chinese army. However, these offensive weapons and China is no equal sign between the offensive, a few more killer, the Chinese will not have to take the initiative to challenge the United States knows better than to use them.

American public opinion, yelling, reflecting the psychological U.S. can not keep up the pace of change in China, this gap constitutes a danger to Sino-US relations, Washington and Beijing are highly worthy of attention.

Some people tried to calculate, what kind of development speed of China, in particular the pace of development in the United States military to withstand the extreme social and psychological. If faster than this, what is the risk.

These events show that the United States and the West did not regard China as a "great power" to deal with, let alone respect. For example, they believe that China should not have world-class, even second-class military power. They believe that China should continue to be imposed by the West to withstand a variety of unfair practices. Allow them to China "be fair", they considered to be "moving the cheese."

Some Americans put great value on the aircraft carrier in the China policy, and they have so naive as to think that while several carriers can be sealed with a large Chinese to China, this dragon can be trapped in a cricket tank.

The aircraft carrier is more Fuxiao Guo, weak tool of hegemony, the future of China would be able to find more than a tool and means to subdue it, and counted in a few years before that there is no point. Is that Sino-US relations should be divided into different critical point of it?

Sino-US relations should not suffer, "secretly competing with" stress. We do not recognize a sharp knife cut off this mess, we must solve a little bit of it had to be untied to mess with it, it is very important. Then our hearts to calm, just like in a noisy waiting room can sleep.

We will hear more talk about the development of China's military power, at some point, these arguments will become even protest. But all this does not necessarily mean the limits of Western tolerance. After all have to admit that China has developed new weapons, like the West as the right.

The world staged a "rising China" a multi-act play, we are willing to bet that the final outcome is a comedy.


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