Three acts of the United States hinder the development of Sino-US military ties

Chinese military 10th in defense consultations in Washington with the U.S., pointed out that three types of current practices in the United States that arms sales to Taiwan, the development of congressional bills related to military restrictions, and U.S. warships machine high frequency in the Chinese exclusive economic zone The came close surveillance, the development of Sino-US military relations major obstacles.
Day, Ma Xiaotian, deputy chief of staff from the People's Liberation Army and the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Flournoy led, the two countries held the 11th deputy defense ministerial defense consultation. After the meeting, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense Foreign Affairs Office of the Deputy Director of the Friends of flying off the media informed of the consultations.
According to the briefing, on bilateral military relations, Sino-US military maritime safety, the two sides of the situation of national defense and army building as well as international and regional issues, in-depth exchanges and discussions, consultations frank and pragmatic atmosphere, both sides are satisfied.
Informed that the consultation pointed out that Ma Xiaotian, China-US military relations have broad common interests, but there are still many problems and obstacles, which the United States arms sales to Taiwan, Congress on bills related to the development restrictions and the military machine in the U.S. ship high degree of China arrived in the exclusive economic zone reconnaissance is a Sino-US military relations in recent major obstacle to development.
Informed that in order to maintain sustained and steady development of bilateral military relations, the key is to be based on respect, mutual trust, equality, reciprocity, respect and care for each other's core interests and major concerns and properly handle differences and sensitive issues, continue to nurture and promote their strategic mutual trust, consolidate and expand their common interests.
Bulletin also disclosed that the two sides will work level military ties and military relations framework of the guiding principles for consultation and discussion, and will continue to maintain communication and dialogue at all levels, to enhance understanding, to avoid miscarriage of justice, to promote the improvement of military relations and development.
According to reports, China and the U.S. Department of Defense Department of Defense was established in 1997 the annual vice-ministerial level consultation mechanism. December 10 after the 11th round of consultations, China and the U.S. held in Beijing in 2012 will be the 12th defense consultations.

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