If the Japanese garrison Diaoyu Islands, China, how to do?

Continued half a month's Diaoyu Islands, "collision" storm itself has calmed down, but the Sino-Japanese relations, it seems difficult to calm. Japanese public opinion to argue that the solution once and for all, including the Diaoyu Islands and other troops. If the SDF troops really the Diaoyu Islands, China, how to do?

Recently, the Japanese Foreign Minister Maehara testified to Congress that: "Japan does not exist among territorial issue, the Diaoyu Islands is Japan's territory." Okinawa Prefectural Assembly passed a resolution to protest against the infringement of China to protest the Japanese government weak; more than Democrats proposed to require a permanent garrison in the Diaoyu Islands; Japan, Osaka Prefecture Governor Toru under the bridge, said the Cabinet also criticized Japan for now, in order to win the opponent, must be prepared to cover the program can only work out of a thousand ... ...

Up and down the whole of Japan, the media people too busy. How to do the next step, it seems that Japan is in the discussion. One of the key trends that the Diaoyu Islands garrison discussion, or open waters around or landing tourism development. Japan's purpose is very clear, even if the sovereignty dispute over the Diaoyu Islands plate of uncooked rice that has not been mature Japanese cooking rice, cooked rice have to eat.

There is speculation that the Japanese do not want to use force among the military, but the problem is that, if the Japanese Self-Defense Forces deliberately linked with the Diaoyu Islands, Japan Is not thought about the ripple effect will be greater it?

Sino-Japanese territorial disputes need to cut open the face to see in the son. The incident seemed accidental, in fact, inevitable. Sino-Japanese relations is a result of imbalance between long-term interaction. Japan see through the mentality of China's great power, value of friendship, not to hurt feelings, re-face or face-saving and other cultural mentality, always spotted the opportunity to poke, and then people said, look, China is so easily excited, like a big country. Once the benefits are not to step back and let the Chinese to meet the great power mentality, and then wait for an opportunity to further and even a few steps you never know.

This trend is also compelled by the situation, think of the "master" to prosecute, the consequences of conviction against each other than Japan, there are some "not worth it." In this discretion, the captain had released. On the surface this service soft Japanese government, but in fact reflects the culture of Japan and Japan features and flexibility. Just imagine, after the defeat of the Japanese Emperor Showa of Japan in order to save the state system, the period of time daily to the Allied Command at condescension MacArthur residence before the worship.

Now, Japanese people completely one-sided that the Diaoyu Islands in 1895, after confirmation that it is officially uninhabited islands into the Japanese empire, and has been implemented according to the management of legal proceedings (such as rent from private ownership to the country), with the United Nations "Ocean Law "attribution principle. They also mistakenly believe that China (including mainland China and Taiwan) is around 70 years since the last century that have oil and gas resources in this area only submarine and claim of sovereignty. Standing on the Diaoyu Islands so it is best to completely cut off the garrison of the landing of Chinese folk desire. In such misconceptions, the Diaoyu Islands issue can easily become a Sino-Japanese relations deadlock. Go a long way, and even a platform for mutual understanding and communication will be lost.

In this regard, Japan must have a basic international risk perception, and China also need to plan ahead.

Foreign very often strive, through Zhechongzunzu balance, peacefully live together. For the overall situation of Sino-Japanese friendship and the long-term interests, China can strengthen friendly exchanges in the global at the same time, openly and clearly the Japanese side claims to the Diaoyu Islands issue specific, project oriented, time oriented, planned, step by step clear solution package of issues, to seize the initiative. Imperative need for a comprehensive and specifically, through all diplomatic means and civil channels, so that the Japanese people know that the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands by day and the truth, and the other party understand you.

With the Chinese side has always been right, compared to the passive response, Japan has been the face, wondering and active manipulation, has been effective in strengthening the control, strengthening the region "proper and lawful" and normal to "nationalize" the opportunity and excuse. This situation must change. The Chinese government can be responsible for overall control of a large, friendly paramount; people exchanges as an aid, benefit. And around the NPC and CPPCC can be issued when the emergency talks, a statement like the sound of protest. Only in this way, the Sino-Japanese relations to avoid the worst possible place. ▲ (The writer is a professor at the University, Okinawa, Japan.)

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