Former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral said Chinese anti-ship capabilities are appalling

The most violent anti-ship missile of China is the one Russian designed by NATO of Russia, as "Sizzler" missile with a range of 300 km. When it is close to the target, the speed can be raised to 3 times the speed of sound. "Sizzler" than the West's top anti-ship missiles of longer range missiles, faster, such as the U.S. "Harpoon" and France "flying fish."

Russia also sold Iran to India, there may be a "Xi Zile" missiles, Syria and Algeria have expressed an interest, thereby increasing the threat. U.S. Army War College professor John Patch said: "The Western world everyone wants to know how to beat it."

China, the "Sizzler" (and recently being developed east-2lD missile) missiles such as the naval force in Asia to improve the key. Patch said, "Sizzler" to potential under the sea from a submarine launched, allowing some of China's submarine fleet of the threat from "easy to deal with" to "very difficult." DF-21D is a ground-launched ballistic missiles with a range of 1,500 kilometers. China is re-designed it to enable the speed of two kilometers per second dive from the air, to blow up an aircraft carrier.

So far, the United States has no credible response. Former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Eric Mack in Beijing defense Commissioner Vardon said that with the DF-2lD may be carried out in two years or less air test, the Western anti-ship capabilities in China suddenly felt "quite appalling."

China's new missile technology is a clear relationship between Washington and Beijing, the occasion of developed tension. Since World War II, the U.S. Navy weapons systems has never been such a big threat. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, reluctant to build new aircraft carriers, because of potential opponents range anti-ship missiles and precision are improved. According to the report of the U.S. Department of Defense, in China, Beijing is likely to continue to strengthen missile capability, and boasts the world's most active ground-launched system.

But the defense before the Commissioner of Malaysia to the United Nations 拉姆利尼克 said that China's missile program may play the opposite effect, promoting the requirements of their angry neighbors more closely with the United States maritime cooperation, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. U.S. Secretary of Defense Office of the former Asia expert Paul Luo Gula said that in the development, while the terrible tone of tough anti-ship weapons, the Chinese do is weaken the United States out of the target outside the region.

But experts also said that many of the problems depends on the U.S. response. Asia-Pacific region in order to maintain the credibility of asylum seekers and reliable, the U.S. Navy must respond to China's new generation anti-ship missiles. (Benjamin Sutherland)

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United States can no longer afford to respond in this threat, because its economy dramaticaly weaken. The US'economy changed very very much, between today and 3 years ago. China can credit USA, China now is maintaining the dollar strengh, if Beijing decide the opposite, it should trigger a begining of US collapse. In one word, the future is for China.