China needs to take several years to be able to master the aircraft carrier battle group tactics

The world should not worry too much about China's ability to get aircraft carrier battle plan. U.S. Navy CNO Gary Roughead 30, said that China also needs to take several years to be able to master the aircraft carrier battle group tactics.

Roughead said during his visit in Canberra, for China, after loading the aircraft carrier out to inform neighbors of its intention to use such offshore platforms is very important. He said there was little doubt that the size and strength of the Chinese Navy is growing, Asia-Pacific countries concerned about the construction of China's naval forces is correct, because the lack of transparency in Beijing's military plans.

But Roughead said the aircraft carrier fleet operations is very complex and will take several years to be able to master. He said the aircraft carrier fleet operations control tactics "will take time, because it is very, very complicated, not to say that with aircraft carriers and aircraft, you can play to their effectiveness. We will continue to develop our aircraft capabilities."

Roughead said that the history of the United States Navy aircraft carrier fleet has been operating for up to 75 years. "From an aircraft carrier to be delivered, to be an effective fighting force it would take a long time. There is no doubt that the Navy during their construction, but I am confident that we, as a naval power, and our Pacific Ocean and on the West Friends of the Pacific States and its allies promised, will not change. "He said:" My focus is to ensure that our armed forces in the Pacific, to provide leadership for our choice of any possible need.

Roughead said he has been with the Australian navy commander Russ Klein on how to promote closer ties between the two navies were discussed. Currently, the United States and Australia, including from the Navy F/A-18 "Hornet" to the new air defense destroyers and other types of weapons systems, which will facilitate the development of closer bilateral relations between the Navy. "We have some very high-end capabilities, but I also continue to promote co-operation with the Australian supporters."

Royal Australian Air Force is currently considering the procurement from the U.S. EA-18G "Growler" electronic warfare aircraft, Roughead said in Canberra received the support of this the world's most advanced electronic warfare aircraft of all initiatives.

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