Chang'e 2, broke 6 key technologies, the Western rendering China space race

China's "Chang'e II" lunar exploration began yesterday, the fuel filling. A day earlier, China's lunar exploration project spokesman said it has completed the testing and inspection of the launch site area, will be at 18:59:57 on on October 1 at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center lunar satellite. Although from time to time encountered the West "space race" harassment sounds, but China's determination never wavered in space exploration, lunar exploration from the first two years alone, the Chinese began a new attempt. Western media have commented that this indicates that China's "space ambitions" a step forward in.

According to reports, this launch will use Long March III carrier rocket C, the "Chang'e II" satellite into 200 km perigee and an apogee height of about 38 million kilometers of direct flying to the moon orbit. Satellite flying to the moon flight will take about 112 hours, 2-3 times during planned orbit correction. As a result of weather and other reasons can not be launched in the first window of time will be October 2 and 3, choose the launch.

For China's second lunar exploration, the United Kingdom, "Belfast Telegraph" September 30 commented that this indicates that China's space ambitions a step further. China also plans to launch next year, "Space Station" prototype --- "One Temple" in preparation for the final will build its own space station. Agence France-Presse said that China has completed the second launch satellites for lunar satellites, the last, everything is ready, the 61 anniversary of the National Day launch. The satellite will conduct a series of tests, for the 2013 launch of the "Chang'e III" to prepare in order to achieve the first unmanned landing on the moon. In October 2007 China launched the "Chang'e" lunar flight, and returns high-resolution photos of the lunar surface. China hopes to collect in 2017 and brought back moon rock samples, and in 2020, a manned lunar landing. The report also said the country "Luna," named after the goddess of the moon program is aimed at an equal footing with the United States and Russia in space exploration.

Pang Hao of China's space experts to the "Global Times" reporter, said, "Chang'e II" is equivalent to pioneer for the future, "Chang III", "IV" to prepare for landing on the moon. Lunar exploration purpose of experimental techniques, pre-selected landing zone for the photo; scientific purposes, including imaging of the moon, the probe structure and so on. The moon to break the six key technologies, such as the first rocket to the moon probing satellite into earth-moon transfer orbit, the direct flying to the moon, this can save the Earth to the Moon flight time, save the satellite fuel, for future manned space are important; verify capture lunar orbit of 100 km, which is equivalent to the satellite to the moon too fast, you need to brake, and lunar gravity field is uneven, the satellite to improve the braking ability of the moon. Pang Hao said that the future "Chang'e III", "fourth" landing will encounter a series of complex technology, to make the landing more secure future, the moon will gain experience.

CNN's report reviewed the results of space exploration, said China made great progress in recent years. In 2003, following the United States and Russia, became the third country the human into space, known as China's first man in space Yang Liwei a national hero. 5 years later, Zhai Zhigang has become the first man in space move. "Chang'e II" lunar landing of the satellite will test the key technology to bring high-resolution stereo camera, the "Chang'e III" landing zone to provide high-resolution photos. "Chang'e II" person in charge of ground application system, the Chinese media revealed that the moon will get fine exceeding 10 meters of the lunar surface, the plan will be far the most clear full moon map.

In China, people are busy for the occasion of space exploration, and some western media and the old tune, rendering from the space race. "Wall Street Journal" Web site an article that China plans on October 1 National Day launch second lunar day, which seems to China in Asia's space race heated lead. If the "Chang'e II" was successfully launched, the Chinese manned lunar landing in the national competition and one step ahead of India. The article also said that China pledged to complete the landing on the moon by 2025, India completed by 2020, said, "the space race between China and India as the Soviet Union during the Cold War struggle of the 21st century in space Asia." Reported the Associated Press said stretched in the United States and other countries, the shortage of funds, the Chinese space program in limited circumstances, international cooperation, is creating a new milestone.

Western media always like to compare India to take and to provoke a few from time to time. In the Indian media yesterday on the "Chang'e II" report in the exploration, the reporter did not find such a blatant "Cold War" type of discourse. "The Hindu" had in a report, not without pride that China's lunar mission is seen as competing with India, the Indian lunar device "moon craft 1" release of a lunar probe successfully impact the Moon surface, leaving the imprint of the Indian national flag has become the fourth day after the U.S. and Russia to do this country, which has been leading China. The report also said some Chinese analysts deny that the international community on an arms race in outer space, China is working to say, emphasizing that China is a scientific exploration of the purpose of mankind as a whole.

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