A Chinese journalist witnessed the battle in Kandahar: U.S. military's attack was blocked

Kandahar, southern Afghanistan town, the birthplace of the Taliban past, today's "nest."

The US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan this month launched the invasion of Afghanistan since 2001, the largest offensive, code-named "Kandahar cooperation."

China Youth Daily reporters in Kandahar the past few days has been the front line and saw the fierce fighting in the two Chinese journalists have maintained communication, real-time attention to front-line war situation.

Goal: capture the Taliban "spiritual home"

Follow U.S. 101 air assault division, said the interview Mr. Hao, the first two brigades from the division headquarters press release of view, the U.S. military is officially launched on September 1, "Kandahar cooperation," military operations, about 25 000 U.S. and Afghan National Army war plans to the September 18 parliamentary election in Afghanistan the day after the completion of the basic strategic objectives.

According to the U.S. Southern Command Afghanistan Public Affairs Liaison Officer Lt. Col. Kerry introduced, "Kandahar cooperation" objective, large-scale military operations by the Taliban entered Kandahar to cut off the arms and the movement of lines, to restore the traditional Taliban affect the region's confidence in the people of the Karzai government and Taliban politicians pushed to the negotiating table.

In these objectives, one of the most influential significance of action is to seize Taliban's "spiritual home", the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar's home birth and fortune - Xingesaer Village.

Xingesaer from the local U.S. military base in the village only 3 km, near Highway 1 in Afghanistan - NATO forces in the strategic roads to transport materials.

NATO forces in Afghanistan in a few years ago in the bar area had launched a massive offensive. However, 28 people died to pay the price and, after seizing and occupying the land, only a few months the Taliban has come back on. Since then, coalition forces attacked Xingesaer Village 4 times in succession, but the real control of the village have failed.

Mr. Hao interviewed following the U.S. air assault division 101 regiment 502 2nd Battalion, the combat mission is responsible for capture of Xingesaer village.

Before the war, 2 Battalion commander Lt. Col. Mr. Zeng Xianghao Qieao Fu said: "where the Taliban have built fortifications, dug trenches, laid mortar positions and laying mines, the village became known as make Xingesaer 'steel line of defense'. Our two battalions of 1,000 soldiers and 400 Afghan soldiers will co-sponsor of this battle. this time we must succeed! campaign did not like Maer Gu, kick down the straight after the scratching say, 'We are doing the ? '"

101 U.S. 502 Mission Air Assault Division 2nd Battalion is Hollywood, "Band of Brothers," a prototype, and the "Kandahar cooperation," military operations to seize Taliban "spiritual home" of the burden on to the force.

Battle: 48 hours advance only 200 meters

In order to cut off Taliban supply lines of materials, "Kandahar cooperation" operations will focus on the third phase of the bar in Kandahar area. Bundle of about 300 square kilometers in area, located in southern Kandahar, the Taliban militants to Kandahar city transportation, explosives, a base for terrorist attacks. Only the control bar in the U.S. zone, it may control the Taliban's ability to act.

Hau said that although the U.S. military in Afghanistan declined to schedule the last general offensive, but the combination of all sources of information obtained can be judged, September 12 to 18 between the U.S. military is likely to launch a final blow to fully operational.

Taliban on the U.S. strategic intentions and should have some understanding of the process table, and currently by laying roadside bombs, sent snipers harassing tactics such as constantly delayed U.S. military offensive.

U.S. troops are in Kandahar in Mr. Hao said to the newspaper reporters present, continuously day and night fighting northwest of Kandahar. September 5, U.S. Army Air Assault Division 101, a subsidiary resident in one day with three attacks by Taliban militants.

"Almost every day to 4 pm, Taliban fighters would pop up, will surprise even the resident of the house surrounded extinction through. And once heard the sound of U.S. helicopters flying rush to the rescue, they immediately dispersed, vanish forever ring. "Hau said:" The U.S. military's battle in Kandahar, a major goal and principles of the local people is to rein in people's minds, therefore, even if the U.S. military aircraft flew over the battlefield, they can not completely determine the objectives of the case, would not easily be bombed, fire. "

Mr. Hao is to follow the U.S. 101 Air Assault Division, 2nd Battalion 502 affiliated groups with officers and men of assault, the resident away from company headquarters only 100 meters from a roadside bomb attack on successive. The attack is also very difficult, but only to 48 hours of fighting the Taliban-controlled village in advance of the 200 meters. Battle, three Afghan National Army soldiers were killed by Taliban sniper.

Known as the world's most powerful U.S. military, facing farmers and hunters have formed small armed guerrilla difficult, helpless.

Difficult: the three "ghost" lingering

U.S. Army Air Assault Division 2nd Brigade of the 101 Artillery Regiment 1 Battalion 320 Lieutenant Colonel Fleming said the U.S. military experience fighting in Kandahar, three "ghost" distress and threats.

First, the elusive Taliban and Taliban sympathizers spontaneously against the U.S. military. They "hit and run" tactics Gengrang U.S. military helpless.

To Kandahar's Arghandab district, for example, the backbone of the Taliban only three to four people, one of the most active rank of Commander is only 45. However, when the local people not guns are civilians, picked up the gun has become the Taliban's partner.

Colonel Fleming acknowledged the local support for the Kabul government and U.S. military operations were only 10%%.

In addition, the major grape and pomegranate tree planting Arghandab district, in the summer as "green sea", vision clinics, but 35 meters. Even the U.S. military deployed unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance helicopters, can not figure out the activities under the tree. This is the Taliban can easily approach the U.S. resident and U.S. troops patrolling the reasons not easily.

Earlier, U.S. military patrol several representations with the villagers, hoping to pay around U.S. military camps, cut fruit, but the villagers still do not agree. U.S. if forced to tear down trees, certainly there are more clashes with the villagers.

Has three operations Fleming went to A Lieutenant Colonel, said: "I would rather not want to come in here fighting in northern Afghanistan. In the north, you only need to block several plateau channel, you can cut off opponents by the throat. And here Numerous trails can access anywhere in the field, you do not know where to block. Taliban can walk, you can donkey, can motorcycle transport weapons and ammunition, while the U.S. tanks and then advanced, and can not in the orchard the walk through. "

Secondly, the casualties caused by self-made explosives, U.S. military casualties accounted for 65%%, while the Taliban control of Arghandab district, countless home-made explosives.

Allegedly, the U.S. resident even Baitian Gang clean all around the explosives, planted at the Taliban will come back.

Third, the Soviet Army left then "mines displaced persons." 20 years ago Soviet troops fighting in Arghandab district, he had buried large quantities of landmines. Now, due to river diversions, these mines have been washed down the river from the upper reaches of the way, every day, moving, becoming a "mine displaced persons", power is not small, a greater psychological impact.

Since large-scale U.S. military unable to mine, which was originally on the unfamiliar terrain of the U.S. military in Kandahar for the countryside, it is a disaster.

Key: public support, determine victory

Mr. Hao spoke to our reporter, graduated from West Point, has been fighting in Afghanistan 44 months of U.S. 2 Battalion Qieao Fu Colonel had told him: "hearts and minds for the last! This is true whether the winning the key to this war. "

NATO forces in Afghanistan since military operations in Afghanistan since the high civilian casualties, the Afghan people continue to stir anti-American sentiment growing. Hamid Karzai's government has repeatedly protested publicly on the matter to the coalition.

In order to reduce civilian casualties, at present, the training ground in the Kandahar base, every day you can see how the U.S. Corps of Engineers teach infantry in Afghanistan by explosion thick walls, but does not cause too much damage to the house, so we do not Kandahar the people's resentment.

September 3, Southern Command forces in Afghanistan at a press briefing, the U.S. military has disclosed a series of "hearts and minds Plan": "Kandahar cooperation" action is completed, ready to invest 50 million home in Omar Xin Epic Village to build a new market, small dams and from the village road leading to the new market. Reported that all of these projects will give local workers and engineers to complete.

U.S. Southern Command Afghanistan Public Affairs Liaison Officer Lt. Col. Kerry said: "Military action is to ensure basic security. We have to try to tell local people that we do is to give them a better government. Only really for the local people, we have the chance of success. This is our best way to take. "

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