China should learn cheeky to treat the extremely shameless country of the United States

U.S. Congress passed a special tariff bill; statement to G20 summit in November the United States to pressure China more; the United States will soon pass legislation to allow the yuan issue has become a law.
By the American director of a financial war against China will be staged. Can be said that the recent financial war with the U.S. military in neighboring China, deterrence, is the continuation of political blackmail nature of the problem.
U.S. is to China as the U.S. deficit in recent years because of abuses of the national treasury and pay. Why should the U.S. get sick of Chinese medicine? Numerous facts prove that the U.S. is a country from the shame, for their own interests to do anything.
The United States may be willing to work with China to fight a never recovered to their financial war? The world will be with the United States laid down his life to the world economy into a bottomless abyss of it? The United States is China's consistent bullying behavior of the overall situation is risky, is the containment of China no less than Jiugong the Laoxiuchengnu. Extreme shameless face of the U.S., China should have the courage to play! Without the United States, "a friendship of shared" and to adhere to the self, home of the resurrection must be prepared.
First, the U.S. real problem is the structural causes of their own. U.S. moves so vigorously, the ultimate goal not only to reduce trade deficit to China, but also in appreciation of the yuan in the expansion of the export market. Since the financial crisis, the United States 800 million people are unemployed, Obama on exports to the policy objectives of employment creation.
However, the high cost of American goods in the international market less competitive, and Shen malady is not of national economies, the price competitiveness of U.S. goods expensive in the inferior Chinese goods. EU is also ready to make trouble with the United States is also the problem of the yuan is undervalued and is ready to cooperate with the U.S. action.
Second, the RMB exchange rate issue for China, it is always a threshold, l and has a double-edged effect of depreciation, how to act with China's reality, China's sovereignty. Long term, the appreciation is conducive to China's economic transformation.
We can not use the demographic dividend, dual exchange rate system, sell resources and damage to the environment to not buy anything in exchange for the notes, let alone bring a lot of foreign exchange reserves, high domestic inflation, but we just have to be a gradual process , not because of someone else's cause or in order to maintain the relationship with a group to take the expedient. United States is exerting pressure on the RMB, and if we ventured to listen, will lead to greatly diminished assets in China;
Reduce the size of China's foreign trade market; will greatly squeezed corporate profit margins in China; will further lead to our economic dependence on Western markets. Made clear, the United States is to take away our accumulation of decades of sweat!
Fourth, the face of repeated unreasonable blackmail the United States, we must be clear coexistence with the world's guiding ideology. The United States and the European Union is an attempt to make China the need to carry out according to their appreciation of the yuan, the expectation is: China not only to listen to because of the Chinese economy can not be spread over the injury of their own. They wish all of this is based on the past, China has always been "big picture" behavior.
If China and the United States and the European Union as a means, first of all the Chinese economy will definitely be a huge impact, but the United States and the European Union, the world will be spared the enormous harm. Compared to the damage the United States and the European Union would surely be fierce in China, which is the buffering capacity of China's own reality and no one can decide. China has strengthened the idea with the world perish, the United States, the EU can do for trade with China, the financial war to continue, said the two also!
Fifth, in the face of the U.S. China is no such extreme no longer "a friendship of shared." We know that economic issues, particularly globalization of a country's economic decision-making will involve the entire world, Chinese people were doing things the polite, the overall situation of the ideas and actions have been praised by the United States and the EU take advantage of the phenomenon in is not the case. We are polite in China is.
The overall situation is the use of polite people, not the unashamed use of the person; against bad we have to use bad way to deal with: the U.S. sovereign debt problem is his heart, headache, Can China make the threat of debt transfer to combat America's credibility, threats dollar collapse? U.S. turmoil, the euro, the yen will bring a series of reactions will be at risk world. Encourage States to return to the right common multilateral framework to balance the current conflict is the only way out!
Do you have Zhanyi eighth down points I have orchids hand brush! Chinese has never lacked for counsel and advisers, the key moment had arrived, let the world know that we have provoked anti-China no good end!
Today, the third edition of the People's Daily read an article entitled: "Peace does not mean blind patient," even though the hair against the Japanese, but I think this same principle applies to the whole world. A realistic description of the problem, China has begun to face the cruelty of the world.
And concerns we have reason to believe that "peace and development does not mean blindly tolerant, more does not mean abandoning the core interests of the expense." Lot of old concepts that countries that act, if we come to their senses, will certainly be stricken in China and severely crack down on ruthless counter !

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