U.S. vs. China in the South China Sea, China has fallen into the trap of the U.S.

China Marine Corps amphibious training exercise in South China Sea region

China Marine Corps amphibious training exercise in South China Sea region

China Military Report: For the South China Sea issue between China and disputes, the British "Financial Times" recently published an article entitled "U.S. Zhongnanhai" contest of strength, "" the commentary. The article said that late last month, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary some remarks on the South China Sea issue, which means a geo-political drama is being opened. Asia Times US-led war, is an unstable balance of power was replaced.

"Economic engagement, diplomatic containment"

The article said that the disputed islands in the South China Sea, many not much more than rock, but they are close to world trade by the use of sea lanes, it has huge strategic value. The South China Sea issue of foreign war will determine the pattern of Asia in the next few decades, Hillary's speech was "war," one of the most prominent sign, but the contest between the U.S. and China will become the main theme of this diplomatic war.

The article, Hillary's speech has two purposes. One is that the United States will re-engage the Asian diplomacy. "President Bush, George W · term, some Asian countries, the government felt that the United States has lost interest in this area right. Whether that impression 是否 reasonable, Hillary Zhengzaigusu Ge Guo Ling Daoren: U.S. does not intend to withdraw from Asia Waijiao stage. "

More importantly, this remark is intended to Asia that the United States on China's attitude. "Since Korea 'Tian' No. Jinnian in March since the sinking, the U.S. government on the use of do not want to criticize the Chinese government to strengthen US-ROK relations that Korea and drive a wedge between China and South Korea. Southeast Asian countries on China's intention of increasing suspicion in the South China Sea when The United States 'natural and honest broker' status appear before the parties. "

The article, since the Cold War, the United States has been on economic issues with China exposure, and in diplomacy is to contain China. The United States reached a nuclear cooperation agreement with India, to a certain extent that is out of this consideration.

"The Chinese side of the ball has been kicked"

However, the article that in the past decade or so, China has step by the United States in Asia, first to the Obama administration to try to make up for lost time back.

"Facts prove that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, these two strategies for the Beijing side has a gift. In the United States Zhuijian al Qaeda, search for weapons of mass destruction, while many had their suspicions between China and the neighboring settlement of the border heavily disputes - from the north to the south of Vietnam, Russia. China's economy a decade of double-digit growth, promote the metastasis of the Asian economic hub: it laid the pipeline to Central Asia, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines, natural resource projects invested, but also for the construction of new ports in the Indian Ocean to provide the financing. "

The article said that China and the United States willing to expand contacts in the economic issues, but also accelerated the construction of U.S. military power. Chinese policy makers are not ready to go to war with the United States, but through the development of what they call "anti-intervention," a series of missile weapons system to gradually eliminate the U.S. dominance in Asian waters.

Staged in Asia, this new diplomatic battle, the Chinese remain largely have "staying power." U.S. facing debt and deficit, the Chinese economy in the next 20 years could be easily an 8% annual growth in its naval forces will continue to increase.

But Hillary has been to Beijing in the South China Sea area on the trap set. If the Chinese come out against the United States reached into its backyard, and in his capacity as regional powers appeared before the parties, it is possible to alert the neighbors will cherish into the U.S. camp. Indeed, this is a more general meaning of the diplomatic test - the next few years, China will face such challenges in Asia. Asian countries more dependent on China's economy, the more powerful China uneasy. Now, the ball has been kicked a large extent, the Chinese side.

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